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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love My Blog Friends

Yesterday, we had the privilege of meeting up with a family that we met through the wonderful blog world. Little Preslie and her family were visiting CA and we saw them yesterday at Sea World. We had so much fun with them.....what a wonderful family!!! Preslie's mom and I couldn't get over how much the girls looked alike despite their 5 month difference in age. I look forward to seeing them again and hope to meet many more families through our great Ds network.

Mom's and their girls!!!


Lacey said...

Oh, if only we knew you earlier. We were just there in April and we met miss Zoey too. Oh she is such an angel. My hubby is totally smitten by her. We will meet Preslie this summer because we live close and we are having a BBQ.

Emily said...

Oh... if only I would have known you earlier also! We hit California quite a bit since my parents live there. That is so awesome that you were able to meet! I hope to meet you someday and also hope to meet Preslie and all the others at the BBQ!

stephanie said...

ok, I'm moving west, no one is out here!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

That's great that you were able to meet - it some how makes the world seem a bit smaller!

In response to your question - I do live in Canada - not in Saskatchewan though - in Calgary, Alberta. It's a great place to live - although I could do without the snow!

Kele said...

Oh my goodness your little lovey is ADORABLE! I am so glad you came by and I was able to find you! If I meet one more fabulous person, with a beauty of a Ds child, that lives in California, 2000 MILES FROM ME! MIND YOU! I am going to throw a fit! Why do you all have to be so far?!?!!
Mckineey is only 20 miles from me, and to be honest, we don't have too many close 'parents of Ds' friendship/connections close by... it totally bums me.
I will most definitely be stopping by so catch up on you guys... yes, our little loves are only a month a part!! What great play mates they would make!

Michelle said...

Ahhhhh aren't they sweet together! I am really really behind on getting my posts from our trip done. So I am glad you got some photos posted. I will email you later today...lots to say! :) Love to you and Ella!! xo