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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where's Your Boobies???

I hope no one finds this post offensive, but to us, this is the funniest thing ever!! A week or so ago after giving Ella a bath, I had her sitting facing the mirror and was holding her hands and saying "where's your head", "where's your nose", "where's your mouth" etc. etc. and at the same time placing her hands in the appropriate spot. Out of the blue, I said "where's your boobies?" and put her hands on her chest and she started cracking up. Now, it is the only thing she will do correctly when we ask her "where's your.....". She thinks it is a funny as we do. As you can also see from the other videos, she loves to go REALLY fast on her little car. She has completely gotten the hang of putting her feet up so they don't drag on the floor. My poor sister, Ella kept throwing a fit every time she would try to stop going back and forth across the kitchen.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Pumpkin Patch

We went to another pumpkin patch last night. This was the kind that I don't like as much. You know the ones that cost lots of money for all the silly little slides and rides. But the kids decided that they wanted to go and use their own money so off we went. Of course there aren't really any rides that Ella can go on so she just spent her time being a model for mommy :) We still had lots of fun. I think it is always fun to be at a pumpkin patch. There is just something about the fall atmosphere that I just love!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


For Emma's 9th birthday, instead of having a party she decided to take a friend and go to Disneyland. So yesterday was the big day. Ella got to go as well. It wasn't her first time but the only other time she has been was when she was 5 weeks old so that doesn't really count. During October, they have a Halloween theme throughout the park and this is the first time we have been there for it. So it was fun to get different pictures than usual. I was adamant about getting one with Mickey and Minnie but didn't want to spend out whole day waiting to see characters so we didn't get any of the other characters. One of these days I will have to take Ella and just get her with all the characters. It was a great day and Emma even got to get her face painted (something we wouldn't normally spend the money to do). Ella was good as gold as usual but we did find out that she doesn't like loud noises in the dark! The only times she cried the whole day were when we did the Jungle Cruise and during the Fireworks. On the Jungle boat, we were seated right next to the very loud engine and it was dark and she cried the whole time. Then during the firework show, they had VERY loud, spooky Halloween music playing during the fireworks which of course were very loud themselves. She didn't like that either which is peculiar since she had no problems with the fireworks at 4th of July. I think these were just too close and too loud. Not to mention that these two things that made her cry were both at the very end of the day at 9pm. Enjoy the pics....and to those of you who live out of state....here is a good reason to come visit us!!!

Emma and her friend, Shelby, on Main Street

Mickey, Emma and Ella

Ella wearing Emma's pirate ears

Emma and Shelby with their new hats on
It's a Small World

From the back

Lovely picture of mommy and Ella inside
It's a Small World

Playing in the fountain in Toontown (I have the
same picture of Abbey doing this 9 years ago)

Hanging out

Minnie with Emma and Ella

Good friends!!!

Ella needed a little cat nap!!

Emma's face painting

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy

First of all, I know I have been a little slow to post lately. It's partly due to not having a whole lot to write about and partly due to trying to catch up with other things in my life and therfore trying to stay away from the computer a little more.

Well, it has finally started to cool down some at night so I have been able to start putting Ella in her new winter sleepers. This is my favorite thing for her wear....don't we all wish we could wear them??? So, for the last week and a half, I have been trying to get a picture of her in each one of them. (Because every photo I take is taken with a scrapbook page in mind :) So, since I don't have much else to post about, I thought I would share these pics.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tagged for the Name Game

I was tagged by both Stephanie from Daily Smiles and Lori from Banana Pants to tell the story of how we came up with our children's names. I don't know that it is that exciting of a story but I will do my best.

Abbey Nicole: We didn't know if she would be a boy or a girl so we had to come up with one of each. For a boy, my favorite name is Michael but I didn't want a Mike so it was going to be a middle name. We really struggled with coming up with boy names. My husband didn't want anything too "soap opera-ish" and I didn't want anything too basic like Jim or John. We ended up deciding on Brandon Michael but it never felt like it was right. As for our girl name, I knew I liked the more old fashioned names versus the current trendy ones. I don't even know where I came up with the name Abbey, I just knew that I didn't want Abigail but loved Abbey. Her middle name, Nicole, I copied from one of my best friend's daughter whose middle name was Nicole and it just sounded good with Abbey. Since I was having her actual name be Abbey (not short for Abigail) I decided it needed to spelled "ey" instead of "ie" because "ie" seemed like a nickname to me. I love her name but there are two negatives. EVERYONE and their mother would ask me "Is it short for Abigail?" and all the little personalized items that the kids want are spelled Abby.

Emma Celeste: Again, we didn't find out if she was a boy or girl so had to come up with one of each. Still wanting to use Michael we agreed on Luke Michael but again, not feeling in love with the name. For a girl name, I wanted to find another old fashioned name and somehow came across Emma. I can still picture my Grandma wrinkling her nose up at that name. But I loved it. As for her middle name, Celeste, she was named after a girlfriend I used to work with who passed away from cancer. I just loved the way the names flowed together.

Ella Grace: This time we decided to find out if the baby was a boy or girl since she was our surprise child and we had NOTHING for a baby!! Of course we had to continue with the old fashioned names but pretty quickly the name Ella came to mind. One of the other names I was contemplating was Grace so we could call her Gracie. When I was trying to think of a middle name for her, my step mom (who hates to be called that but I am using it for clarification purposes) said "what about Ella Grace?" That was the end of it....I LOVED that name. Here is where it gets intersting. We decided on her name while we were in the process of Ella being diagnosed with Down Syndrome. We were waiting on our amnio results and my cousin was googling the name Ella Grace to find a cute little clothing store she had heard about nearby with that name. What she came up with was a blog called "Ella Grace with the Pretty Face" When I clicked on that and saw a little Ella Grace with Down Syndrome, right then and there, I knew that my amnio was going to come back positive for Ds. God was preparing me in so many ways for her diagnosis but this was the one that gave me my definite answer. So from that point on, I knew that the name Ella Grace was the absolute perfect name for her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Pics

Yesterday we went to the pumpkin farm to try to get some fall pics. The kids just ran around and played in the corn maze and in between I attempted to get some good shots. Unfortunately we went at the wrong time of day because the sun was going down and if we took the pics the way you should, the kids were squinting and if we did it the other way, there was a big glare. We got a few good ones though. No worries though.....its only about 2 miles from our house so I am sure we will get there a few more times before it closes :) Ella got to take her first pony ride. Although she was a little hesitant at first after the lady buckled her on, as soon as they started moving, she slowly started to enjoy it. By the end, she didn't want to get off!!

Just getting started on the first lap

Hey, this is kind of fun!!

Not sure if she is mad because the sun is in her eyes
or that I set her on the ground

Sisters and cousin Ethan squinting in the sun

Bad glare but Ella is actually smiling in this one.

What the heck is that?

Do I eat it? (yeah right, like she eats anything!!)


Scary ghost!!


Emma is about 4'8" this year

Abbey is about 5'4" (scary!!)


Checking to make sure the road is all clear.

Ella and Emma

Hi fans!!

Scary face!!!!