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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pigtails, Questions and Prayers

Ella got her first set of pigtails today. Her Auntie decided she needed to try them. There were better pictures of her smiling, but you couldn't see the pigtails well enough. I guess every picture can't be of her smiling :)

I have a question......how have most of you learned signs to teach your kiddos??? I figured that it was about time I started to think about this and didn't know if there is some great video that you have all used or what. I would appreciate any input on this. Also...how do you post a video from One True Media onto your blog. I have the video all set up on the site but when I got to get the code and then copy and paste it on my page...it just shows up as the link, it doesn't show the actual video. Any hints on this???

Finally, tomorrow, Ella goes back to the oncologist for a follow up on her blood work. Please pray that her platelets are still in the normal range and that they don't see any blasts (bad cells) in her blood!!!


Cathy said...

The first picture I've seen of a non-smiling Ella...but still ADORABLE!!!

I use the Baby Signing Times videos. I'm not very good at teaching Lily though...shame on me!

I will definitely keep Ella in my prayers!!!

Angela said...

Awww...those pigtails are adorable!!

I *just* started THIS week showing Benjamin a Baby Signing Times DVD. I have been so lazy with signing and I really need to get my lazy butt in gear. I have all four of the DVDs but I am sticking the first one for awhile since it has most of the basics on it. I already have the songs stuck in my head...ARGG!!! LOL
Anyway, what I've done is about once or twice a day, I've put his exersaucer in front of the TV and turned on the DVD. He pays pretty good attention, and it allows me to spend some time with Andrew. Or doing dishes. Or checking blogs. LOL

Let us know about the oncologist appt. We will be praying!!

Lacey said...

Praying that all the blood work is great. There are these videos called signing time. They are made just for kids. I know there huge in Utah but I think the lady that made them lives here. Google signing time, and I'll see if I can find out how to get them.

Cammie Heflin said...

Signing Time is wonderful!

Michelle said...

Ruby loves Baby Signing Time! It's wonderful - we've all learned a lot from the DVDs. They're pricey, but worth it.

Ella's hair is adorable!

Michelle said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the piggies! I cannot wait til I can do them to lil p! Please let me know what goes on tomorrow...will pray for you guys for sure. I will email you more in the morning as it has been one hell of a day (excuse the emotion) :) But yes a decision has been made it's out of our hands at this point...so pray it works out! I'll email details in am. Love you guys!

Heidi said...

Ella is so cute!! I will be praying for you tomorrow.

To upload a onetruemedia video here is what you do:

1. Click share and post online
2. Click grab links and codes
3. Select the type of player you want
4. Click continue
5. Click on the code for Blogger (the first line)
6. Hit Control C for Copy
7. Go to your blog and right in the text box hit Control V for paste.

That should work!

Heather said...

Looking darling in her piggies!!I know you are feeling "lab-anxiety" ... it is the worst.I will say prayers for peace for your anxious heart and extra,extra special prayers for picture perfect bloodwork.Love to you all.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

CUTE piggies!
Signing Time!!!!
Praying for those counts! ALWAYS!!!
And I see you got instructions for one true media! :)

stephanie said...

Praying for Ella's counts!!!!And your nerves.We're all here for you! The piggies are so working for her!

ABandCsMom said...

I love the piggies!! Ella is cute, smile or not.
We used Signing Time. It's great.
Praying for good counts!

Emily said...

I love the pigtails! I was always so excited when my girls had enough hair to do that!
Good luck at the oncologist. We are praying for very good counts!

Kristen's mom said...

The piggies are darling. We have blood work on Wednesday. Praying that is good news for the both of us.

Tracey said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! Love the pigtails!

Kim said...

Let me try this again. Thought I posted but I'm not seeing it.

We do sign with Mattie. Signing Time is great! I think we are learning more from the video since Mattie doesn't care for tv. She doesn't sign back but responds to our signs. She loves when we sign "good girl".

Praying that all went well at the doctors.

Love the piggy tails!!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Good luck with the labs!!!!!