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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

This is Rosie meeting Ella for the first time. Rosie is the person responsible for our wonderful fundraiser. This gal convinced us that we should do the fundraiser when we were too proud to think that we should and she made a GREAT night out of it. We had so much fun and they raised an amazing amount of money for us. We simply couldn't believe how generous everyone was. Back to Rosie....she did all of this for us without having ever even met Ella. I was finally able to stop by her office with Ella the other day so they could meet. After a short warm up period, Ella enjoyed her visit very much. Of course, do you think I could get a decent picture of the little stinker with her. Thanks again Rosie for EVERYTHING!!!

We have some Tshirts left and I have them at my house now. I know there were some people who mentioned in previous comments that they were interested in getting one but I simply don't have the energy to go back and find them. So, if anyone is still interested, please let me know ASAP so I can get one sent out to you. They are $10 each plus $5 if they need to be shipped. Unfortunately, there are only a few left with Ella's picture on it (4 XL and 1 2XL) The rest are all of the prints shown below.

Also, for anyone who was interested in ordering one of these adorable hats (or many other styles) here is the website for them http://www.etsy.com/shop/theumbrellagirlshop


Skye is the Limit! said...

i loveee my shirt!!
promise a picture soon!

Kristin said...

First, so jealous of your visit with Sophia - she is the cutest thing!!!
I forgot to post an explanation as to the sealing... it's just a ceremony in our church, done in one of our temples, that binds the family unit for eternity. So when a couple is married, they are 'sealed' to each other. Then all bio kids are automatically sealed without having to do an additional ceremony. If you adopt, you have to then seal them into your family as well :)

my family said...

what an wonderful lady and a beautiful little girl she has.
My break may not be as long plus I will still be checking on miss cutie....can't go without checking on you all(you guys...my mom is from calif and I know ya'll is hilarious!)
Anyway I am just fighting for him to be in a FULL inclusion class and they dont want to,they want him in a combo class: 1/2 sped kids and 1/2 typical peers.
My IEP is Thursday and hopefully it will all be solved by then. Honestly I can't think straight right now to put a post together that makes much sense :)

Thanks for your sweet comment and Iwill be emailing my info to you

Kelly said...

Denise, I responded to your FB message....I would like a T-shirt (medium)!! I will email you my address.

BTW, Ella has the most amazing support circle. Rosie, you have such a kind heart=) Glad to hear it was a big success (and sad that we don't live closer)!!

Thanks for the cute pics of Ella, that little "love bug"!!

Kele@ said...

Oh boy do I know that crinkle face! I love it!!!
I am sooooo happy your fundraiser was a success!
Please kiss Ella, and hugs to you sweet friend!

*Tasha* said...

I check in all the time, though I don't comment. (Sorry!) I'm a college student studying to be a child psychologist. I've worked with children who have DS & because of your blog & others', I am motivated to get more involved with the DS Association in Seattle, starting with the buddy walk in October, or something sooner if possible!

Ella is one of the cutest children I've ever seen---the expressions she makes & of course her gorgeous blond hair & smile!! I'm very glad you blog. I'd love to buy a shirt- what do the shirts look like that have her picture on them? (Sorry if you already posted that! I usually check posts on my phone, not a laptop which makes it a little harder to search for specifc things.) I know they're XL but I don't mind too much- it's for a great cause. Thanks :)

Tina said...

O.k. I'm kind of back and try and remain here! I have been checking your posts but they are usually such hurried visits lately that I probably haven't been commenting all the time.

Rosie you are an amazing person wish there were more people like you ready to help someone they haven't even met! Congratulations on the success of the fundraiser.

Now that picture of Ella with her hat, I think I've already told you just how adorable she looks but I have to say it again, she is just the most huggable, lovable little thing ever, I just wish I could come over there personally and give her some lovin. But till such time you have to do it for me. Hugs and kisses to Miss Ella all the way from here. I think of you guys and always keep her in my prayers.

Zoey's mom said...

You are blessed.Much like myself and watching you all walk this road is like seeing an instant replay.Including the overwhelming generosity of others.

We love you guys and I so want a t-shirt.should have said that a long time ago!

Monica said...

What great t=shirts. "Stupid Leukemia" is great. My friend that I sing with had non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and still wears a t-shirt that says "Bad music causes cancer". We laugh about it because he has such a great sense of humor about it. I also LOVE Ella's mouse ears. So precious!

Googsmom said...

What a great picture!!!!

Melissa M said...

Love her fiesty face!!