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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Living Life One (Play) Day At A Time (A visit with Darya and Abby)

It has been one month since Ella finished her last chemo treatment. This is a strange place we are in right now. We are beyond thrilled to be done and be able to be home but at the same time, we always worry about the leukemia coming back. It is as if I am afraid to get too comfortable or it just might rear its ugly head again. But then I remind myself that we can't worry about the what ifs, we just have to live in the day. Ella has been feeling great and just making gains daily in her activities and speech. That is what is so nice about being 2 years old. Ella NEVER thinks about "what if the cancer comes back." She just has fun every single day! She is happiest if she can get outside or if she has a little friend to play with. I am so enjoying seeing her learning to be social. We had her first transition meeting to talk about her going to school I can't believe that she will be going in just 2 months! She seems so little to me but yet, I think she will love having friends to play with all the time.

We finally received the insurance authorization to get her central line removed. Of course, now I have been waiting for the past 2 days for the hospital to call me back about getting it done. I will feel so much better and worry so much less if she were to get a fever once we get that line out.

Today, we got invited for a playdate sy Abby and Jocelyn's home. They live on a ranch and have the cutest little pony. Ella loved the pony until it was time to get on its back. She didn't really like that. Abby is typical and is a few months older than Ella. She has a baby sister who has Ds. It is so neat to watch Ella with Abby. They seem to really enjoy each other. Now, if only Abby could convince Ella how much fun it is to eat!!

Ella getting ready to go to Abby and Jocelyn's

Abby pushing Ella in the swing

Ella was enjoying the tricycle...if only her legs were just a little bit longer!

Ella won't eat food, but apparently she will eat dirt

Giving the pony a kiss

So not liking this pony riding thing!!

But it sure does feel good to run your hands in the dirt!

She really does like the pony from the ground level

Is he going to eat my flower, mom?

One more attempt to ride the pony

A couple of weeks ago we were blessed with a very special visitor. Little Miss Darya, another Ukranian Princess was in town visiting from Florida. We were fortunate enough to have them visit us. It was beyond delightful to get to meet this beautiful little girl and her amazing family. She and Ella were so cute together and she is just as adorable in person as you would think. I only wish I could have caught the cuteness on camera...they were always too busy moving around!!! Thank you so much Fick family for taking the time to stop by!!
Darya attempting to show Ella how this eating thing works

I had to squeeze in a quick moment of loving from the sweet one

Going for a quick drive around the neighborhood.

This is an wonderful keepsake that was brought back from the Ukraine.

Don't let these pictures fool you.....she wasn't really eating the chocolate cake. However, she did get a few bites near to her mouth so that is some progress. But this just goes to show you the uphill battle that we have. If she won't devour chocolate, what hope is there ;)


The VW's said...

YAY for PLAY!!! It's wonderful to see Ella having fun, and out of the hospital! Hugs!

stephanie said...

Oh goodness Miss Ella sure does know how to have fun!! She looks wonderful! Love the pics with that adorable little pony!! So sweet!

Rochelle said...

So glad you are enjoying life! I totally understand that thought in the back of your mind...what if but, I hope as time passes those thoughts are gone forever and you are at peace to enjoy her.
What fun playdates, that pic of the pony coming for her flower was a crack up!

Kristin said...

Oh silly girl - you don't know what you're missing! Chocolate is heavenly :)

Bulldogma said...

Oh, so CUTE!

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

So glad that Ella came to play! Abby had lots of fun too:) She told Daddy all about Ella. What an amazing little girl! It's fun for me to get to have a little sneak peek of what my Sweet Jocelyn will be. I can't wait:)

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Although we haven't had to deal with leukemia, I know how it is when things are better yet you can't help worrying about what lies around the corner. You're right not to worry about the what if's and to take one day at a time. But I also know that's harder than it sounds. HUGS! And like I said before, Ella WILL eat again and you'll be so amazed when she does, how far she will come!

Lacey said...

I can't wait until we can play outside all year! They boys are driving me nuts, they need to get outside!

Marianne said...

You are quite the social butterflies!! It was so nice finally meeting you - thank you for making time for us!

G-Zell said...

Awww what cute pics!

Melissa M said...

I love all the playdate pictures! And that looks like chocolate smear on her face right?? It's getting closer to her mouth!

Michelle said...

So exciting to see her out there, her playing and exploring, kissing ponies and just living and enjoying each moment!

Anonymous said...

Our little girl with DS went through treatment for AML. It has been 17 months since she finished treatment and it has not come back. She is also doing very well! There is great hope for Ella. Amy