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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Brown Outfit (and a quick prayer, please)

I truly believe that next to my own kids, I am in love with Ukrainian Princesses more than anyone else. These little girls (and boys) who are made to live in an orphanage simply because they were born with Ds just breaks my heart. I am so thankful for the families that step out in faith and do WHATEVER it takes to bring them home to a family. Someday maybe our family will be able to bring one home but until then, I do what I can to donate and love on them. When the ones that I first fell in love with (Dasha and Sofia) started to come home, I couldn't help but want to send gifts. I found this cute little brown outfit at Costco and started buying them for all the little ones that were on their way home. Thankfully all of their nice Mommies were kind enough to send me pictures of them wearing their outfit. Of course I had to buy one for Ella too since they are all her special friends. In fact, we have been lucky enough to meet them all in person except for Dasha but I guarantee that it will happen in the near future!! Ella has a picture that Dasha sent her wearing the outfit that she carries around with her and says "Asha". Makes me melt every time!! So, of course, the inventory of these outfits at Costco is long gone so I can no longer purchase them for all of the new Princesses who are coming home. So we have all decided that these outfits should be passed along so that we can get a picture of them all in these outfits :)

Sofia was the first one home (since I started following)

and what a gem she is. Her family was definitely blessed
when they found her!!

We call Dasha, Ella's soul sister, they are only 8 days apart!!
She was my first love!! I have made it my mission to get
her and Ella together soon!!

Darya has quite a little story. Hers was the first of,
what I hope is many, amazing fundraising stories. An
11 year old girl raised the entire amount needed to
bring her home (and then some) in just 8 days!! So
many people fell in love with little girl from afar!!

And then there was Arina. Her forever family found
her hidden among the many faces on Reeces Rainbow and
I don't think many people had noticed her before. But, let
me tell you, this is one beautiful little girl!!! We are hoping that her family
will be moving near us very soon and we look forward to getting lots of loving
on her!!

And of course, here is my Sweet Ella. The inspiration
for my love of these Ukrainian Princesses!!

Okay...so here is the next Princess that needs to come home!! Her family will be traveling in less than a couple of weeks and they are still $4000 short. Please try to give a little something if you can. Every little bit will help and poor Lera has been waiting for sooooo very long!!! Please go to this site to donate...it is tax deductible! http://reecesrainbow.org/sponsorhigbie

And finally, a quick prayer. Ella is scheduled to get her central line removed tomorrow morning. I am so anxious to get it out so that we can stop worrying about infection but I am a little worried that they won't want to put her under since she has had a runny nose (forever!!) We talked about it over the phone and they said they can't make the final decision until they see her in person. I guess it depends on the amount of congestion or something. So please pray that (1) she can actually have it done and (2) that there will be no complications. We feel that this will be one step closer to normalcy for us. And besides...don't you think she needs a few less tubes hanging out of her body????


Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I love the idea of passing those outfits on! Great work!

I will think positive thoughts for getting the central line remove! Sweet Pea has been lucky at least twice with getting docs that were willing to put her under with a little runny nose. The picture of Ella with all her tubes makes me so sad! One less would be wonderful!!!!

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

Love all those princesses:) We'll be praying for you Ella! XO

Elissa said...

Donated $10. It's all I can do right now because I've been donating to so many if the precious RR kids. But, I so hope this adoption goes well and easy for this family.

The Sanchez Family said...

Oh my sweet Ella!!!! PRAYERS! I just adore that little girl!!!!!! Thank you again for loving my little girl so much and we feel honored to have you as one of her VERY special aunties :)

Zoey's mom said...

You and the darling outfit thing ... we have one too,is it the California Club outfit?I just can't remember?Terrible aren't I.No,just old perhaps.

Like I said,time for that line to make itself scarce baby girl.It has more than served it's purpose ... now it is time for tubbies and pools and beaches... so long broviac,you will not be missed!

Kristen's mom said...

The central line coming out is truly a great event!
Those outfits are so precious!

Tina said...

Yes she could do with a few less tubes coming out of her, can't wait till they are all gone actually. Praying that the procedure goes without any hiccups. Hope that cold is better soon too. Saira has also had a cold forever which is delaying this A & T op we are considering but which I am still not sure about need to check her up without the cold once, if it decides to leave her!

Those outfits are so so cute but then the little things wearing them are even cuter, I know what you mean about the Ukranian princesses, I am so in love with them and wish I could have at least one for myself too :(

stephanie said...

Denise your killing me! I'm crying first thing in the morning!! And Heathers comment just added more tears!

The outfits are so thoughtful, but i do believe you are one of the MOST thoughtful people I have ever "met".

We really must get Lera fully funded. wish i had some great idea. I'll pray, that seems to be my niche.

my family said...

precious outfits and prayers going out for your little ella grace{{hugs}}

Lacey said...

Bye bye line, bye bye risk of infection! I really hope they do it, the runny nose being sinuses shouldn't affect her being sedated!
Good luck today!

kecia said...

Since I am soon to have my own uk princess I love love love that you have so many ukrainian princesses you are loving on! They are ALL adorable! What a sweet thing to send the outfits and I loved seeing all their pics in the outfits! We will keep praying for sweet Ella! You guys are amazing!!

Melissa said...

I love the brown outfits and all the sweet girls who wear them!!

I am praying that Ella's line gets to come out! She needs fewer wires!

patsy said...

so sweet of you to be thinking of all the other little Ds pricesses out there! the outfilts are too cute :) and saying extra prayers for miss ella and miss lera....going to donate ;)

Fay said...

Prayers for Ella!

Lori said...

Such beautiful princesses!
Prayers for Sweet Ella, today!!

Rochelle said...

Praying for Ella today and Lera's family to be fully funded. You are amazing, love the brown outfits, praying we get one handed down soon. =)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

awesome post - love the adorable brown outfits :) hope you are able to get the central line out as soon as possible!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Those outfits are adorable! And the girls are even cuter!

How did it go today? Good news I hope.

Cole said...

What a sweet story and bond with the sweet lil brown outfit!