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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A VERY Special Meet Up With Carly's Parents, Joany and Paul

Wow!!! What a day yesterday was!! Ella and I along with Zoey and her mom, Heather, separately made our ways north to Bakersfield. Awaiting us there were Joany and Paul George, the amazing parents of the sweet and beautiful Angel Carly. They were in California for a much needed getaway. You see, just one year ago, they lost Carly unexpectantly. Obviously this past year has been an unimaginable one for them full of so much sadness and loss. Joany has been such an open book to us all in sharing her sorrow and I know that I personally have learned a great deal from her. My heart has been so weighted for them all year but finally getting to meet them in person truly gave me a renewed sense of hope. Yes, they are still full of pain and No, the loss of Carly has not gotten any easier BUT they were still glowing with life and it showed in every bit of attention that they gave to Ella and Zoey throughout the day. Life does continue to move forward for them although it will never be the same. Carly was very much alive in our conversations and tears yesterday and I am now even angrier that she was taken so soon because I have seen, in person, what wonderful parents Paul and Joany are and what love they have to give to their beautiful daughter. They should still be giving her that love!! I just hope that they realize what a lasting impression they made on us and that we will always treasure the day we got to spend with them. They are amazing people who have been dealt a horrible blow in life. But I truly believe that Carly is shining through them more than they even realize. Thank you so much Joany and Paul for sharing this day with us. I don't think you have a clue as to how special it was to us!!

Paul warming up to Ella and Zoey at lunch

The Mamas, Heather, Joany and Myself

Ella getting ready for her adventurous afternoon

Ella and Zoey....LOVE these two girls

Paul and the girls

The whole group....what a special day we had!!

Ella saw a gopher pop its head up and waited at least 5 minutes

for it to come back

Ella and Paul waiting for that gopher

Still waiting.......

Now they have moved on to a snake :(

Ella is VERY interested in it.


The picture that makes me cry every time.....Paul and Zoey

just hung out here for quite some time!!

Ella at the end of her very adventurous day....she needed

a complete clothing change!!


stephanie said...

Lord above that takes the prize!!! How wonderful!!! Oh how I would have loved to be there! I always feel like I leave the dumbest comments but I would love to just give Joanie a real hug. No words to worry about.
I love the photos!!! The kids look amazing and it looks like everyone had a beautiful time just enjoying each others company. Thanks for sharing you very special visit!!

Zoey's mom said...

Great post Denise.Captured the day perfectly ... pictures and feelings.Missing Carly all the more for them and trying not to let that anger part get the best of me but it sure was there yesterday in many moments.

Love you guys and as for Miss Ella .. that last picture just does not capture the true filth ... that girl can sure have some fun!

Kristin said...

Awww. How nice, and heartbreaking.

my family said...

oh what a day: amazing and heart breaking at the same time Im sure...it was probably good for them to spend time with your girls although it must have been difficult in a way. They seem like wonderful people and I pray for them often

Rochelle said...

So glad you were able to meet them, what a fun day. Oh my goodness Ella has a blast just look at her! =)

Runningmama said...

How fortunate you all were to meet Carly's family...the loss still breaks my heart when I see her picture. I love the pictures of Ella looking for the gopher, that is hilarious!

JEllen said...

Tears flowing. Simply beautiful. So wonderful you all got to meet and to see Joany and Paul smiling. I know there must have been intense pain too, but what a blessing to be able to share with our tremendous blogging community.

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

I am at a loss for words. What a bittersweet day that must have been. What an amazing community. LOVE the pictures....they tell a story.

Lacey said...

That last pic cracks me up! That is so Ella! I'm so jealous, I wish I was there. How great for them to get away, and get to love on your kiddo's!

ABandCsMom said...

Oh Denise, this post is a tear jerker!! We were so blessed to be able to meet up with you all. It was a bitter sweet day for us. So happy we were able to meet you all in person. And missing Carly so much. Maybe, just maybe Carly played a hand our meeting! We could have gone anyplace for a change of scenery, but we chose central California..and were able to meet up with 3 of my facebook Ds mama's and their children while we were there. Zoey, Ella and Brayden are forever in our hearts..much more, now that we actually met them in person. So happy that you all allowed us to love on them for those few hours that we shared. You are all so blessed and such wonderful people!

ABandCsMom said...

darn, I meant to comment on Ella's filthy mess. Heather is right, that pic didn't capture all the filth Miss Ella found that day!! She sure does have a zest for life!! Non stop, go getter. LOVED every minute of watching her. And I agree with your sister, Ella is a "Tom boy"!

Kristen's mom said...

I've been waiting for details on Joyce and Sarah's trip also. Joyce posted them on Sarah's blog today.
You are so lucky to spend some time with Joany. I really need to go see her.

Cole said...

What a beautiful tribute to Carley and gift to Joany and Paul that day was. Sweet magical children- all of them.

Melissa said...

What an amazing chance for everyone to get together. Carly is so missed, and I hope the visit and trip away was a blessing.

Rachel said...

Her hair is coming in so nicely!

You guys gonna be around week of June 12? We'll be out there and ready for our own meet up!

Cindy said...

What a great opportunity that you all got to meet each other! Thank you for sharing these photos!