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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Well, I am feeling a little peer pressure tonight to do a Thankful Sunday post as my blog friends Stephanie and Kele have done one and I really like the idea. I can't seem to get consistent with it but I guess it is okay even if I only do it once in a while.

I am thankful that Jax has Lacey for a mother. This poor little guy is fighting another big battle and is currently in the PICU. His mom is so brave and knows what he needs and how to do it for him more than anyone I know. Please pray for him to get better soon.

I am thankful for the wonderful Sanchez family who has decided to adopt Sophia from the Ukraine. As some of you may remember, she was one of the two little girls that I had fallen in love with from Reece's Rainbow and even sponsored on the Christmas Angel Project. I am so excited to be able to follow along on their journey and can't wait until they can get her home.

I am thankful that my daughter, Abbey, and her friends decided they wanted to do something to help their school. They had a bake sale at one of the local golf courses one day and made $100 which they donated to the school to use to buy some new recess equipment. Our school honors kids who do something for the community by putting their handprints on the "Lasting Impressions" wall.

I am thankful for my blogging friends. Most of them are so much better at putting their feelings about having a child with Down syndrome into words than I am. I get inspired every time I read someone's story, even a small one, about something they have gone through or experienced (both good and bad). Even the one's who are currently going or have been through chemo because their child was one of the kiddos who were unlucky enough to get leukemia. I know full well that this is a journey that I could be on anytime and it helps to know what to expect and not feel like you are going in blindly.
I am thankful that my poor husband made it home safely tonight. He has just started working day shift again which means getting up at 3:45am and had a hard time getting to sleep early last night because he was used to staying up late. As he made the 70 mile trek home tonight (yes, he drives 70 miles each way to work) he said that he had a VERY hard time staying awake which scares me!! Hopefully he will adjust soon. We are seriously considering moving closer as that drive is just ridiculous for him. We just hate to move the kids AGAIN!!

I am sure there are many more things to be thankful for but I probably should go tend to my family ......which of course I am thankful for :)

***does anyone know why sometimes blogger won't separate the paragraphs once I hit post even though they are separated when I am typing them. Also, why can't I move my pictures around????


Tim and Kelli said...

I agree about the blogger friends putting their feelings into words. They do it so much better than me and as I read I think, oh that is so how I feel. The blog world has really helped seeing pictures and hearing everyone's stories.
I feel your husband's pain. I work night shift 7p-7a just 2 nights a week on the weekends and some weeks it can just throw everything off. I cannot imagine trying to do a 70 mile drive home. I am sure he is going to feel much better once he gets in the swing of things.

Lacey said...

I haven't been able to move my pictures around for a couple of months now.
I do talk about Disneyland even when Jax is so sick because I dream about going there and leaving all our troubles in Utah!
See you soon!

Heather said...

Thankful for you my friend.Always thankful for you!And Sophia ... we were right .... she HAS found her forever family.Totally awesome

Tina said...

Thanks for reminding us once again that we have so much to be thankful for, starting with such wonderful friends here,

stephanie said...

You put your feelings into words perfectly. Every time you write a comment it's like I can hear you talking. I was actually just telling my hubby that the other day.
and your thankfuls are great. I am so happy Sophia found her forever home and what a great home it is!!!
And hats off to your girls for such a great accomplishment!
And of course kisses to the most beautiful Ella.

Bethany said...

You can edit your post by clicking on the html tab. :) If you know anything about html, that is. I have never had a problem with pictures, but a friend of mine has. I use flickr to host my images now though, so that is all in the html. :)

Emily said...

I am thankful for much of that myself! You are a FABULOUS mother to a sweet girl with Down syndrome! I am thankful for you!

Anderson Family said...

Thank you for your thankful sunday post. Sometimes it is just great to get into words what you are thankful for at that particular moment. And tell Ella congrats on walking with her car and saying baby!! Her hair is getting long! Give Ella a hug for us!

Kele said...

Lovely thankfuls Denise. And I am not sure why you would think your blogging friends are better at expressing themselves, I ALWAYS look forward to reading yours!

Kelli said...

I loved this thankful Sunday post! I am
also so thankful for all of my blogging friends
out there because so often I'll read someone
elses post that describes how I feel...
What a great post!

Melissa said...

I love this feature!

Blogger and it's paragraphs tend to work better for me if I wait until the end to upload photos. But sometimes I still have problems.