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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Fan

I figured I had better hurry up and do another post before people start boycotting my blog because of those snake pictures. Boy, there sure are some queasy people out there....geez!!!

So, today for the Superbowl, we just stayed home and had our own little party. Of course the older girls didn't have much interest in watching the game. They just wanted to know who won because they had each picked a team and the winner got to choose dessert. But, of course, Ella joined us for most of the game. I have a rocking chair that was Abbey and Emma's when they were little and I finally brought it downstairs for Ella to sit in. She must have sat in it for at least half an hour thinking that she was hot stuff.

Here she is reading a book during one of the commercial breaks

The game is back on and she is anxiously awaiting the
decision on whether or not that was a touchdown or not
for the Saints (yay...it was!)

And here is an extremely blurry video of Ella rocking out
in her rocking chair to the halftime show. See if you can
catch her little scrunchy face at the end.



Tim and Kelli said...

Rock on Ella!

The Lehnick Family said...

Love it! Ella you are getting so big! You are big stuff!

Heather said...

So so cute.I video taped Zoey bouncing up and down on the ottoman during the half time show too!I guess our girls are Who Fans!!And for the record... I am VERY queasy... of snakes!!

Mel said...

How cute is she? No prizes for guessing what she'll be doing when she is an old lady, sitting on her verandah ;)

mandd3 said...

She is so cute, even if she is a snake fan, and definitely because she is a Saint's fan!

stephanie said...

She is the best. What's cuter than cute? Miss Ella!

Lori said...

I guess that is one of the perks of being in CA - an early Super Bowl. Anna missed her afternoon nap,and therefore didn't even make until kickoff.

Lacey said...

Look at that girl rockin out! I can't wait to see you guys!

Heidi said...

She is so cute! I loved watching her rock to the half time show ... go Ella!

Kele said...

Doesn't Ella know not to read during the commercials of the superbowl, that those are the best part of the whole game?!?!
Good to see she is still sporting that scruncy face I fell in love with at my house!

Emily said...

Of course I caught the scrunchy face! Nothing cuter!

Anderson Family said...

Love the rocking in the rocking chair - she is so cute!