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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Round 4 This and That

Couldn't they be sisters???? The top picture is Ella and the second one is little Arina/Makayla who is being adopted as we speak from across the ocean in the Ukraine. This picture of Ella doesn't show her eyes as well but I had to use this one because of the matching hats. But both girls have the same eye color and skin tone. Oh we can't wait to meet her when the Rugg family gets back with her!!

Today is day 17 in the hospital for this round and we were really hoping to match the last round and go home at 17 days but no such luck. Ella's numbers are low but she hasn't hit that turn around spot yet so it looks like it will still be a few days. We are hanging in there though. The truth is that Ella doesn't seem to mind terribly being there. It is a constant social hour for her.

I found that this was the round that I really started getting to know other families. Some that we have been seeing around the last few rounds and some new ones. This is really an eye opening experience as we learn about so many different types of cancer. It is also yet another chance to show me how truly fortunate we are. Again, I know this sounds strange when we are battling leukemia, but thankfully, with Ella, we haven't seen the true evil that cancer can cause. But some of these other kiddos are SOOO sick and have tumors in their heads that have caused a complete loss of abilities OR caused a disfigurement in the face OR caused the kids to be so sick that they can barely get out of bed. Yes, we have joined yet another club that we never thought we would join. However, this one, unlike the Down syndrome club, is not one that I am glad we have joined. But it is what it is and every day I see patients going about their day the best they can. The other day I saw two teen girls meet up in the hallway and one of them asked the other if they wanted to go hang out in the teen room. As I watched them walk in the door, both of them with IV poles tagging along beside them, it really hit me that we are all definitely in a club together (The IV pole gang). Again, I am so thankful for how well Ella is doing and I truly do see why the nurses say she is the bright spot on the floor. I just pray (and I hope you all will too) that this will continue until the end of our treatment!!

Here are a bunch more pics from the last few days.
Just hanging around....

Trying to run???

Picking up friends in the hallway..I don't think
that her "friend" is too sure about this though

Just being Ella...but check out the new pink
high tops!! They come in purple too (as you will
see in another picture) and can be found at
Babies' R Us

Feeding therapy.....nothing new to report here!

I just took this picture because Ella matches the
train perfectly AND it shows off her purple
high tops!!

Aren't these shoes the cutest? I just ordered them thanks to this post from Laura at Anne and Whitney
Of course after reading her post in which she talks about the great sale that Bugaboo shoes are having, I had to order a couple pair for Ella.

***I am not sure if it is the current wallpaper that I have on my blog or what, but for some reason, when I link things for you to refer to, they don't highlight on my blog. However, if you put your cursor on them, they will show up as an underlined link. Has anyone else ever had this problem?


Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

Love all the pictures, love all the shoes (doesn't Ella have those little braces for her feet? Do the shoes fit with those?) Also, we are praying you guys get to go home soon! Good luck!

Rochelle said...

Sorry you are still at the hospital hoping her number game is great tomorrow.

stephanie said...

OH, it's all about the shoes! They can make or break an outfit. and Miss Ella is makin' the outfit!!!!!

Ella you are FABULOUS!!!!!!
And thumbs up to your mama who always has you dressed so pretty!!

Emily said...

You truly do amaze me Denise. I love how positive you have stayed through all of this.

LOVING the darling shoes! She is rocking them!

As always, each picture is precious.

Love you guys so very much.

P.S. (Maybe I have already told you this, but my blog name has changed. It is showing Honda stuff. Once you replace my new URL, it will actually be ME!)

To Love Endlessly said...

What an uplifting post. I can see how you would be thankful for Ella's ray of light through all of this. She sure has a sunny smile and no less she has a little twin out there! way cute.

M wears AFOs so she never wears cutsey little shoes. I love all of Ella's shoes!!!

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear you are still in the hospital, but glad Ella is doing well. Very cute shoes!

patsy said...

all the pics are too cute! and i love all of the new shoes :)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Like you, I cannot wait to meet Arina. What a beauty she is! :)

Ella is certainly the little fashionista of the floor. She shines!

Kristin said...

Still praying. Love the shoes! Do they make cute boy shoes? I need to check them out.

Ruby's Mom said...

Ella is so cute and I love her pink converse shoes.Those new shoes are adorable.I'll have to take a look at some for Ruby!
You're amazing Denise!

Patti said...

That girl is always smiling!! I love her!! I'm going to check out those shoes, thanks for sharing:)

Lacey said...

Oh my gosh, they could totally be sisters! In a little over a month we will be back down there, and they can play!
How cute is that pic of her holding that little girls hand! Love it!

Bulldogma said...

Beautiful pictures! Adore the shoes and love how she matches the little riding toy :o)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

sorry to hear you guys are still in the hospital - how does ella look so lively with all that is going on? it is just awesome!!!! and by the way you write each post i bet if you took some pictures of you we could see how lively and bright your smile is!!
love her two pair of high tops and of course the two pair of bugaboos!!! i can't believe you have them already! they must have shipped out super fast :) hope they work well for little ella!!! keep us updated - hope you can go home soon!!!

summer said...

Praying, Praying, Praying that you get to go home soon!!!! Sweet Ella Grace has got to be the sweetest little princess I have ever seen!!! Oh My - I could just eat her right up!!! And where did you get the "Don't Dis My Ability" shirt? Love it so much!!!!!!

Melissa M said...

I love all the pictures, and of course all the smiles!! Ella happy face always brings a smile to my face too. :) I hopee you guys are home soon!

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear that Ella is still in the hospital=( The most important thing is that she is doing well, regardless where she is!! I am sure that you both will be home soon! That's one tough little cookie you have there, Denise!! And of course, the prayers WILL continue!!

And Miss Ella, you are such a DIVA!! I just love those hi-tops=)

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

Oh Ella you are pretty stinkin cute! LOVE all the faces and LOVE all the shoes. Hope we see you back home soon! Hang in there Mama Denise:)
PS- I've been traveling around all your friends blogs and WOW what amazing people with AMAZING families!

Leah and Tony Beasley said...

You always have her dressed so darn cute. You must shop at gymboree. Thats one of my favorites?? Do you still live in Dallas?? We are moving there very soon, but do not know what ares to look in? Thanks, Leah

Leah and Tony Beasley said...

You always have her dressed so darn cute. You must shop at gymboree. Thats one of my favorites?? Do you still live in Dallas?? We are moving there very soon, but do not know what ares to look in? Thanks, Leah