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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ella Tour Day 4 ---- and older pictures

Today we drove from Grand Junction to the Denver area. We saw some beautiful sights especially through the Rockies that I managed not to get any pictures of. We were very late leaving our hotel this morning and therefore didn't arrive in Denver until 5pm. We made a quick stop to see our friends from TX who happened to be visiting the Denver area 15 minutes from my cousin. Then we headed to my cousin's where they had a wonderful dinner waiting to be eaten followed by birthday cake for Joe as today is his birthday. It is beautiful here!!! Tomorrow will be the beginning of the long trek to Texas.

I was also finally able to download all of my pictures thus far so bear with the large amount of photos.

Our family in the middle of nowhere in Utah

Grandpa Vollmer and the girls

Our most treasured blankie EVER....a Jaxson Blankie

Abbey loving on Jax

Me loving on Jax

Abbey loving on Max

Ella escaping down the hotel hallway

Grandpa Vollmer's first time seeing Ella

Ella reading to pass the time during the drive

Abbey and her friend Karoline from TX

Emma and Ella and her friend Sam from TX

Me and my friend Barb from TX

Daddy celebrating his birthday

Our host family....the McLarens (minus 2 boys)


Anderson Family said...

We just got home from our road trip - so I had to come and catch up.

Great news about the results of the test - I'm so glad you were able to go on your road trip. I am so sad that we missed the BBQ. On Monday night we were eating dinner by Yellowstone lake and I was thinking that you were probably all together having a great BBQ. Now I will just have to come to California to meet you and Ella. We hopefully will make it there sometime next year.

Your pictures are so cute - love the one of the escapee down the hall. And I also love the one of Ella holding the book - Carter loves to look at books too. So cute. Good luck on the rest of your road trip - having just spent 10 hours in the car today - I don't envy your drive to Texas.

My name is Sarah said...

What an awesome road trip you are having.

ABandCsMom said...

Looks like a great time. I love the picture of Ella reading the book. Too cute!

Lacey said...

I love the blankie pic. One for my wall I'd say. I'm glad you are having a great time.

Tausha said...

So glad your road trip is continuing to be so much fun. Drive safetly and know that you are missed here in Utah.

Grandma Betty said...

It's so much fun to follow the "Ella Tour" day by day and see all the fun pictures along the way......I LOVE the escape down the hotel hallway......what a hoot.

Be safe, have a good time and hurry home!


Mom, Grandma & Favorite Mother-in-Law

Emily said...

Your trip is turning out fabulous! LOVE the picture of Ella reading! DARLING!