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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Papa's 70th Birthday, Some New Pics and A Video Showing Ella's Signs

Today, we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday. I made my first EVER homemade German Chocolate cake. I have to say.....NOT BAD!!!

My dad, my sister and me

Papa and his Grandkids

I decided it was time to get a new photo for the top of my blog but I really liked the style of the old photo so I attempted to copy it. Of course Ella wasn't completely cooperative or my camera was too slow to catch the perfect smile but I still thought the new photo at the top came out pretty cute. Here are a few of the other attempts.

One of my new favorites

And finally, (again with my poor quality digital camera) here are a couple videos of Ella showing off her sign language. In the first one, she is doing "more", "baby" and "all done". In the second one, I am trying to get her to do "daddy". When I say "where's daddy", she points off into the room and says "dada"....if you listen carefully you should be able to hear her. When we say "kitty" she will VERY QUIETLY say "kikikikiki"




Heidi said...

I love the new picture of Ella! She is so sweet!

Way to go Ella on those signs - she is so cute when she does them!

Your cake looks delicious - I wish I could have had a piece!

The Lehnick Family said...

oh my goodness! You are awesome Miss Ella with your signs! Way to go!

Looks like a fun birthday too!

Heather said...

You rock Miss Ella.So proud of you!Love the header picture.all the rest are classic Ella ... too cute!

Adrienne said...

Cakes looks good!! Ella is just too cute!! Way to go on the signs!

ABandCsMom said...

So sweet! Love the new header picture. My very favorite is the last picture of her silly face!

Kim said...

I thought something looked different. Looks great! Super job with the signs! I wished I had thought to do this with my other two girls when they were little.

As always, that Ella is one cutie!

Ruby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!
I love the new picture of Ella!She looks so pretty in that color blue!
What a cutie Ella is doing her signs:)

Tina said...

Love the new picture, needless to say Ella looks as cute as always. Love the one in which she seems to be be waving, love all of them. Good work with the signing, at what age did you start working with her signing?
Always look forward to Ella's pictures, always brings a smile to my face...

stephanie said...

Oh my Goodness!!!!! I can't even look at those videos without tearing up. Her cuteness gets me everytime. Oh how I wish I could just pick her up and squeeze her. What a great job Ellla is doing with signing! I love the header pic, actually all of them are beautiful.... as usual, Miss Ella is a natural!
Happy Birthday to your Dad!
The cake looks really yummy!

Emily said...

She is just clipping right along with the sign language! Way to go Ella!! You are just too cute. LOVE the new pic on the top of the page! Miss you all!

Kristin said...

Oh - those videos are too cute. Nice signing!!

Lacey said...

I love her scrunchy face. I wish we could have seen you guys again. Next time we will come out and check out your city. Ray is coming down again by himself to test,and he wants to ride with Joe again for the whole night. He had so much fun.

Anderson Family said...

I love the videos - she is getting so smart. Are you using the Baby Signing Time DVD's? Carter loves those but we are still waiting for his first sign - I think it should be "milk." The cake looks yummy - that is my all time favorite cake. Looks like you had a great time!

Kele said...

You and your sister favor one another, and are both BEAUTIFUL... easy to see where Ella gets it?!?!