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Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!!

FINALLY!!! After 27 days in the hospital, we got to come home. Yesterday Ella's ANC count was 247 and she was suppose to get to 500 before we could come home. Since it had gone up the past three days, the doctor said that as long as it went up again, even if it didn't hit 500, we could come home today no matter what. Of course I didn't dare pack up anything for fear that I would jinx it and Ella's blood counts would do a tumble. But Ella did her job and hit 533 today!! The nurse walked in first thing and said "Do you want to go home?" I don't think I have ever moved so quickly!! We met daddy for lunch on our way home as he was on his way into work. Once we got home, I don't think Ella stopped!! She was working on her walking like crazy. Pushing her walker, holding my hands (even sometimes only holding one hand) and even attempted a couple steps on her own. Of course she also immediately set to making messes all over the house. But I didn't care, we were home and she was free.

At this point, we will be home until her counts hit 1000. I am going to ask for at least two weeks whether she makes counts or not. I think we need it for our mental health. It's late and the little stinker is still going strong so I better cut this short and go try to get her down. But I just wanted to catch you up on the excitement as well as give God a quick shout out for getting us home!! Here are a few random pictures from the last few days.

Playing on the neighbors swing...aahh to be outside!!

I just love this picture of her playing peek-a-boo
under the sink in our room..I think her face just
looks so sweet!!

Mommy making her model her funky outfit

Abbey and Emma and a couple counselors heading off
to Camp Ronald McDonald. What a wonderful charity
that allows the siblings to go tocamp free of charge as well.
I can't wait to hear how it was!

Me and the girls right before they left

Ella actually put herself in this position with her blanket
and Elmo and her favorite dolly. She was sitting this
way and watching T.V.

These next few pictures are of our new friends who live
near the hospital. We met on facebook and our girls are only
a couple months apart. I can't believe how much bigger E-V
is than Ella! E-V's daddy made me a yummy cake since I was
in the hospital for my birthday and didn't get a cake. He also
made these cute little dresses for the girls using 2 bandanas
and ribbon. I couldnt get over how cute they were when
they were interacting on the floor!


Kristin said...

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Well you already know how thrilled I am that you are home ...

Loving all the pictures and loving your little love.she is doing this Zoey style and we are so proud of her.and of course the rest of you.

Savor home,as I know you will.

Skye is the Limit! said...

So glad you asked for atleast 2 weeks, that is much needed for you guys!
She looks beautiful, couldn't even tell anything was going on :)
I am of course, thinking about you all!

Tina said...

YAY best news ever...seems like many many prayers have been answered. Just adore the pictures and yes the one of her peeping out from under the sink is something like what you would find on a postcard of babies. Also love love the one of her all cozy and comfy in her bed leaning back with her 2 little favourites in her hand. How cute is that!!!

Pallavi said...

gr8 news!!!
Ella is such a cutie.. loved those pics.

Blessed with Boys said...

Welcome home!!!!!

Cammie Heflin said...

SOO Excited for you guys!!! Way to go Ella!

Rochelle said...

YEAH you are home! Praying you stay there for a few weeks for family time!
So glad to hear your news.
OOO the pictures are adorable! Love the one in bed and under the sink. SO cute.
Love & hugs

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

SO SO SO happy you are home :) love all of the pics too!

mandd3 said...

Oh what wonderful news! And yes, her little face is just as angelic as can be! I hope your two older girls had a fabulous time at camp.

Runningmama said...

So glad you are home! Ella looks great, and I love the picture of her with Elmo and her doll while watching TV!

Kelly said...

That's what I'm talking about...HOME AT LAST!!!! Hooray Ella:) Denise, I am so happy that you are all home (and I DO hope you get your 2 weeks), guess we'll all have to kick it up a notch on the prayers!! The pic of Ella on that swing with NO attachments to her little body is such a sight to see......YES, she is FREE:) Many hugs & kisses for our sweet Ella.....let the prayers continue!!

BTW, I loved all the pics (how can we not when Miss Ella is in them)!! I hope the girls had a wonderful time at Camp! Enjoy your FAMILY time:)

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Hurray for home!! :) I am glad you asked for two weeks. I can only imagine how much you need that time.

I do love that picture of her peeking out of the cabinet, and the header picture makes me smile. Love it! :)

Lori said...

I am so happy that you guys are home! Miss Ella is doing so great and is quite the warrior, isn't she?! =)

Adorable pics, and who would have thought that bandanas and ribbon could make such cute dresses? =)

Enjoy your home time! Hopefully Miss Ella will give you a chance to relax a little! =)

The VW's said...


Miss Ella is quite the trooper and fighting this disease wonderfully! Keep it up sweet girl!

Praying she continues to do so well and that you enjoy your time at home!

Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Lacey said...

yeah for home!! The dad made those dresses, wow! Praying for two weeks home so you can get in some family time!

kecia said...

YESAH!! So glad she is home!!!ENJOY!

Mary said...

Woo Hoo Party for Ella. So glad to hear you are home. Prayer works!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Oh I just love all the pictures. how wonderful. And yes, excitement it is to be back home! I'm so happy for you guys. Enjoy.

Stevenson Family said...

Yeah!! You are a rockstar Ella!! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to hear all about camp!

Bulldogma said...

Those dresses are ADORABLE, as are the pictures of Ella and her new bud! So glad to hear you are home!!!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Tears of joy for you being home! She must love the freedom that being home means! The pictures are beyond adorable!!!!

Kelli said...

Yeah for being home! Cute pictures. The bathroom cabinet and watching TV are my favorite. That is great the other girls were able to go to camp. Can't wait to hear how much fun they had.

AKW said...

So very glad you are home. Take it easy and enjoy it! Will continue to send prayers your way.

mlfont said...

27 days in hospital, yikes! I was stir crazy after 72 hours!! So glad you came to say hello! we will be praying! Parker says "hi Ella!: Cutie pie! XO

Marianne said...

So glad you're HOME and her counts are good!! Oh, and those bandana dresses are ADORABLE! When I get into another creative mode I'm going to have to try those (after I get to that applique shirt for Ella that I still intend to make! lol)

danimct said...

love the pics!!! all so adorable!! so glad we got to come and meet up with you : ) remember to let me know when you have to go back..and what your favorite food or appetizer is and we will bring it to you :)..hope you have a great at least two weeks away from the hospital...take care..chat with you soon.. Dani

Melissa M said...

yay!!! I'm so glad you get a couple of weeks at home. Have a wonderful and relaxing time. Love all the Ella pics as usual. :)

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

So happy to see that your sweet Ella is home. She is such and cutie. Can't wait until she can play with Jocelyn and Abby at our playgroup:)

my family said...

great news!!! Go Ella

precious pictures, glad you get to be home for a while

Heidi said...

Yay!! So glad you are home and that Ella is enjoying her freedom!!

Megan and family said...

Yay for Ella!!
Those bandana dresses are so cute!

Kele@ said...

Yippee!!! So glad you are home! Squeeze all the fun outta it!
What a precious new friend Ella has!
Love to you all

Patti said...

I emailed you, I hope you got it? The picture of Ella in bed with her elmo and blankie is my favorite- she is so cute!!