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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mostly Pictures

Ella continues to do well. As you can see from the picture above, she is still a feisty little thing!! Her blood counts are starting to drop...especially her platelets. She may be getting a platelet transfusion tonight. But her energy is still good and so far no fevers. We pray that it stays that way as the biggest worry at this point is some sort of infection. She is finally unhooked from the IV during the day which gives us a lot more freedom to play on the floor and go for walks. My mom stayed with Ella the last two days so we could do some 4th of July things with the big girls while they are in between trips. We went to a BBQ and then watched fireworks. I couldn't get over how chilly it was at night. I was literally wrapped in a blanket while watching the fireworks show. Anyway, here are some pics from the couple of days I was in the hospital. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!

Ella and Grandma Betty

Ella and Auntie Lisa

Our little musician

Not too happy with her weight???

Making faces in the mirror with my long
time friend, Debbie's daughter, Lauren

More faces

Such a good copy cat

My friends, Linda and Debbie whom I have known for
30 years....since 7th grade...wow!!!

Debbie's beautiful daughter's, Lauren and Kaylee

Ella was having fun playing in her crib and kept taking the
towel on and off her head...couldn't quite catch the cutest
moments, of course!!

Got this in the mail from Aubrey along with the
cutest little knit Minnie Mouse ears hat..can't
wait to get a picture of Ella wearing it. (Lacey,
you will be soooo jealous!)

This picture was emailed from Faith...I just love
that people are praying for Ella all over the country!!


my family said...

well it looks like she is entertained....still as beautiful as ever

Devon said...

I love Ella. Just love her. She is such a spitfire!

Lacey said...

Ohh I'm jealous already! Although I did buy a super cute mickey ears beanie for Jax last time we were there! Look how cute she looks, even in the hospital!

Kelly said...

Happy 4th, Sweet Ella & Family!!! So happy to hear that things are STILL going well:) I am sooo LOVING all of these CUTE pics!! Ella, you silly little thing......you & Landon are 2 peas in a pod!! I cannot wait to show these pics and video to Landon in the morning!!! Oh how he loves his Ella:)

Denise, how wonderful to be surrounded by so many dear and loving friends!! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!! It's nice to see that you are keeping busy and making the BEST lemonade out of those sour little lemons!! Keep positive, Ella will follow your lead:)

Thinking of you all and sending you continuous prayers!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

So is Aunt Lisa your sister? She looks a lot like you! :) I'm glad you had fun with the girls this weekend.

I wanted to come by this week, but my car is finally going to the repair shop. It'll be in for at least a week! :( I'll let you know when it's out.

The VW's said...

The cutest little girl in the cutest little outfit EVER!!! Glad she is doing so well! Praying this trend continues! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Heather said...

Nothing like a little chemo to get a girl up on her feet and moving,is there?In Zoey's case it was sitting but nonetheless amazing, that these precious kids can have this poison coursing through their bodies and they STILL reach milestones.Actually I think the leukemia was holding them back and once it was knocked out of the park,they felt better and begin to find their way again.

Love the pictures and again,I think your mom and sister are amazing.Really amazing.

Call you tomorrow.

Pallavi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pallavi said...

Ella you r such a cutie.. Wish I could meet you personally... Sending lots of love and prayers

Tina said...

These are the cutest pictures of her, she seems to be having a good time in the hospital!!!! You have yourself a precious little treasure.

Sending love and prayers for her continued healing and for your strength to get through this difficult time as easily as can be possible. Hugs

mandd3 said...

She cracks me up in that video, everyone is trying to talk to her and get her attention and she is bound and determined to walk into the room, SO cute! Great pictures and I'm glad you are able to leave the room. Just curious, when her ANC gets really low are you guys allowed to leave the room?

Rochelle said...

Ella you continue to amaze us. Thankful that you are still fiesty and feeling good. Praying you stay that way and get no infections.
Thankful that your mom is there to help out so you can spend time with Abbey & Emma. What a blessing.
LOVE the video, super impressive Ella on the go even in socks on the tile floor, You rock baby!

Stevenson Family said...

I need to email you guys a picture from Beau to add to her wall. What was your email again?

Julie said...

So cute I can't stand it!! I think they should have matching outfits for the 4th next year; how cute would that be???

my family said...

the lake is lake pontchartrain and yes it was up high b/c of some bad weather heading in from a nearby hurricane. Thanks for the comments about my pictures....I wish I could figure out how to make a photo my header Ive tried several time with no success...hummmm want something to do to keep you busy in the hospital???

Julie said...

I'm glad you put up a pic of Dashlyn. Wish I had thought of that! Maybe there is still something I can do.......

Rachel said...

So glad that the hat got there safely. Can't wait to see her in it:) She looks wonderful and we hope that she keeps it up.

Lori said...

What an adorable little firecracker! I am glad and pray that she continues to feel well throughout all these treatments.
Also praying for you and your hubby and Ella's sisters. I can only imagine this whole process is rough on the whole family.

Googsmom said...

OMGoodness I LOVE the scale picture :) That is priceless!!

Continued Prayers and

Heidi said...

I just loved looking at all of the sweet pictures of Ella! She is doing so well. We are still praying for her!!

Bulldogma said...

As always, the pictures are wonderful! She is such a pretty princess!

Melissa M said...

She's such a fiesty thing, and love her cute face in the first pic!