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Monday, July 19, 2010

Some Very Special Visitors

Okay.....for those of you who are bloggers and know the love you have for all of these kids you have never met but feel like you know, I want you to remember that jealousy is one of the 7 deadly sins!!! I say this because I GOT TO MEET ADDY!!! And at the same time got to spend some more time with out dear sweet Zoey!! I know you can hardly stand it, but just try to control yourselves :)

Out of the blue, Addy's mom mentioned making a quick trip to California on facebook. I asked her where she was staying in hopes that it was somewhere in So. Cal. When she told me where, I couldn't believe that is was halfway between my house and the hospital. So Zoey's mom, Heather and I quickly made plans for us to all meet up. We met at the hospital with the intention of having the moms take turns going up to see Ella and I would get to see Addy and Zoey downstairs. I was a little bummed that I wouldn't be able to have a picture of all three girls together as we didn't think they would let the little ones go up to Ella's room. I decided to take my chances and ask and was beyond excited when they said "YES!" They could go up. We left all the big kids down in the lobby and up we went for our picture taking session. My poor husband was surrounded by females but he didn't seem to mind too much. I don't know what we were thinking when we tried to get a picture of multiple kiddos looking at the camera but just seeing them all three together made my heart melt. Addy was the cutest thing ever and I couldn't believe it when all she wanted was to sit on my husband's lap. When I look at the picture of him with Ella and Addy on his lap, it makes me think of what could be if I could only get one of those little angels from Reeces Rainbow. Who knows, maybe someday!! Anyway, after our chaotic photo session, we left Ella and her daddy in the room and the rest of us all went to lunch. I had the best time as always with my dear blog friends. I just can't explain the connection I can have instantly with someone I have actually never met in person. It happens over and over again each time I meet a new blog friend. And it was the same this time with Cammie. It really is like we have known each other forever.

As for Ella, her bone marrow is showing signs of producing the good cells again. A few neutrophils are starting to pop up and so hopefully things will get into full swing in the next few days and we can go home within a week or so. Last week she spiked a fever ONE TIME and they automatically put her on antibiotics in case there is an infection in her central line or something else big going on. The biggest bummer about this is that she has to be hooked up to the IV alot more so she can get these IV drugs. Can you imagine a busy toddler being hooked up to a machine with mabye a 3 foot tether....IT SUCKS!! Luckily yesterday we were able to cut out one of the drugs since she has shown no signs of any infection and she can now be off the IV for an 8 hour break during the day. We are praying for her to remain fever free and to get that ANC built up to at least 500 so she can come home for a little bit.

And for anyone that may have missed my last quick post about the Tshirts....the check needs to be made out to me (Denise Vollmer) not the police department. If you have already sent it, just let me know and I can pass it on to the gal in charge. She will need you to reissue a check unfortunately as this needs to be kept completely separate from the department. Sorry for any confusion.

Now for all the pictures......(remember don't be jealous :)

Me and precious Addy

Abbey had so much fun playing with Addy

Abbey and Emma with Addy in the hospital lobby

Ella and Addy....haven't quite noticed each other

Wait...could they possibly be......

...going in for the hug?.....you betcha!!

Joe and his girls (can't you just picture him with two :)

Ella giving Cammie a kiss (you'd think her mom would
make her hair look prettier for company, huh)

Believe it or not, this was the best picture I got of all
3 girls together. I don't care...they are all together!!

Awww...Ella like Miss Heather

Once again, the best picture I got...the girls just weren't

I just love this picture of Zoey. She was actually posing
for me.

I am pretty sure that they are talking about how lame
their moms are for taking all of these pictures.

FINE!!! We will look at the camera...AGAIN!!

All the kids together!!

Sorry Heather and Cammie but this was the best I had
and I simply had to put one of you guys together.

And one last picture to make you jealous....Zoey and me!!!


Pallavi said...

Oh Denise, love those pics.. and you are right I am feeling J ...

Love all the pics,specially the one in which Ella and Addy are hugging each other..

You are very lucky to meet them in person.

Victoria Strong said...

What a wonderful day for all of you! And the hug -- oh that one got me! Love, love, love it!!! Thinking of you and sweet Ella all the time.

Tina said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just love the pictures and the one of the 3 girls is actually really very sweet, o.k. I know how tough it is to get a good one of all three at the same time but I still think that's ALOT of cuteness packed into one picture. Also love the one where they are going in for the big hug, aren't they just adorable.

...and can you really blame any one of us for feeling a tiny bit jealous, o.k. a whole lot actually. I hate it that I'm so far away! Hug Ella from me :)

stephanie said...

I'm just GREEN, hows that!!!!

but you deserve those very special visitors. I'm glad God is sending sweet friends to brighten your days!!

my family said...

I think I should start my comment not with jealousy but saying I am so glad to hear Ella is doing well, she look great as usual. Precious photos

Now her come the jealousy part:

IM SOOOO JEALOUS ;) looks like you all had a great time, so glad Ella was able to have some friends visit her and you were able to leave for a while.

It is funny how we all feel so connected and like we havent missed a beat even though most of us have never met isnt it?

Lori said...

What a blessing! I am jealous - of course, but you certainly deserve this special treat!

And yes, Joe did look great with the 2 girls =)

Continued prayers for Ella and her family!

Steph said...

Oh! I am SO jealous! I can't wait to meet more of my "family" from near and far. Glad you all had a great time. Praying for Ella!

Devon said...

YAY I'm so glad you guys got to get together!! I LOVE these pics!

mandd3 said...

Ackk... I've been sick and missed a lot and come back to this??? No fair!
I'm taking you up on the emailing photo offer because I just don't seem able to get my hiney in gear to get it done.
Please send all my info to the family you met, I would love to talk with them.
Here's praying for a quick climb to 500 for sweet Ella, and then home, home, home!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

I am SO HAPPY you guys were all able to get together (and jealous, too) :) love all of the pics - even if it is pretty much impossible to get little ones to all look at the camera at the same time! what a fun visit!

Lacey said...

You know I'm dang jealous!! I can picture Addy's sweet demeaner, how I wish I could have held her!

Rochelle said...

Ok, ok, ok trying NOT to be jealous! But, wow with all that cuteness in one place it is SO hard not to fall into jealousy.
So glad you were all able to be together and get the kids together too. I love all the pics and the one of Joe and the girls TOO CUTE!
Thankful for answered prayers for her numbers heading up will keep praying and specifically cover her for no infections.

Love & hugs to you all...

Kacey Bode said...

TOTALLY jealous!!!!!!! One day the Ella Graces HAVE to meet!!!

Becca said...

That's sooo cool that you guys got to get together!! Fantastic!

Heidi said...

What a fantastic visit! I'm so glad you were able to meet some more blog friends. I am remembering our visit as I look at those pictures! I am so glad we were able to visit you a few months ago!

I will be praying that Ella remains fever free and that she will be able to go home soon!

Melissa M said...

I love, love, love that you all were able to get together! But, yes, I'm terribly jealous too. :)

Runningmama said...

I love these pictures! I am so jealous that you got to meet these two cuties!

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

What a cutie Ella is. I enjoyed looking at your blog but really enjoyed meeting you this evening. I am so glad you stopped by to play:) We look forward to Ella joining us to play soon!
PS- here is my blog in case you lost that little piece of paper- www.thehuthfamily.blogspot.com

Megan said...

You are right I AM so jealous! All three girls are just dolls!

To Love Endlessly said...

oh how sweet! I love all the pictures, especially with all 3 girls, even if they weren't full cooperative. haha And there's just something about sharing that common bond that makes connecting so much easier. God knows what he's doing by connecting all our families.

Cammie Heflin said...

Oh too funny! The pix were crazy but so fun! I am SOO thankful that I got to make the whrilwind trip, it was so much fun!

Kelly said...

TOTALLY JEALOUS.......but so happy that you were all able to meet and spend this time together!! I just LOVE these pics!! Those are 3 BEAUTIFUL little ladies:) (ok, 6...the mamma's too) lol