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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Is The Ella I Want To See!!

Oh how I wish for this smile on her face again. The poor little one is still not feeling well and doesn't want to eat. They were talking about maybe sticking a tube down her nose to try to feed her today but I am just sure that she would hate that and just pull it right back out. My mom is there right now and I think that they agreed to wait until she finishes the chemo tomorrow evening and see if there is any change in how she feels. She had to get a red blood transfusion today as her hemoglobin was getting a little low and my mom said that she seemed to pep up a little bit after that. She hasn't left her room since Sunday which is completely unheard of for her. So, please continue to keep her in your prayers as we really want the old Ella back.

I know many of you have seen these pics already if I emailed them to you (except the one of Ella and Abbey which we just took the other day) but I wanted to post them for those who haven't seen them because I think they are just the cutest kids ever!! (I know, I am biased)

This is Emma's 10 year picture

And since I had a matching shirt for Ella, I decided
to sneak in a couple of sister shots. Don't you love
this one???

So, not to leave Abbey out, when we went
back the other day to do our Christmas pictures
before Ella went back in the hospital, we did
the quick change and I got this picture of
Abbey and Ella together (I think it is a bit
early to show you the Christmas pics :)


Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I'll continue to pray for Ella and I do hope that she feels better when they stop the chemo tomorrow!!!!

Chris, Becca, Abby and Jocelyn said...

Ohhh poor little Ella. We hope you feel better soon! We have a new little pony that wants to take you and Abby on a special ride when you are feeling up for it! Get well sweet Ella. We are praying for you!

Rachel said...

I just prayed for Ella! What amazing pictures! She has such a joyful and beautiful smile!

Pallavi said...

Sweet Ella you rock in those pics.
The Sister shots are oh so sweet. Loved those check shirts..
Hope Ella feels better soon.

stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures. Your girls have grown so much in the time that I've known you. They are all so beautiful!

Praying for the Sweet to feel better. This must be the toughest on you though.

Prayers coming on the Express!!!

Deanna said...

praying for ella...hope she bounces back soon...love these pics and can't wait to see the Christmas shots!

summer said...

Your girls are sooooo Beautiful!! I hope Ella is up to eating a little bit today - I pray!!! That sweet little girl - she just shines!!! All my thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!!

Lori said...

Beautiful girls - Beautiful pictures!

Praying, praying, praying for Miss Ella to start feeling better. It makes my heart ache to hear that she is not feeling well.

Give her a {{hug}} from NJ.

Rachel said...

keeping that cutie in our prayers. hang in there too mom:)

Runningmama said...

Oh, I am praying that Ella returns to her spunky self soon! I love these pictures!

Karol said...

Okay, I can't stand it!!!!I WANT HER!!!!!!! She's very nearly edible.

Zoey's mom said...

Love all the pictures of your beautiful girls and like I said,that smile will return.Promise.

Jenny said...

Beautiful girls! Hope Ella feels better soon, we are praying for her!

Becca said...

Gorgeous pictures! I really, really hope Ella starts to feel better soon and gets back to her old self!!

Rochelle said...

Praying hard for you guys. Love the pics of the girls. Yes they are beautiful!

Kelly said...

Just checking in on all of Landon's buddy's (it's been a hectic 3 weeks around here).....I am so sorry to hear that our sweet Ella is feeling under the weather=( We will continue to pray that Ella will be back to her spunky little self soon!!

I cannot believe how big the girls look in these pics......they are all so BEAUTIFUL.....lucky you=)

I am sure that it is not easy to see your little lovebug this way, hang in there friend, there is a lot of power in prayers!!!!

Will try not to stay away so long in the future!!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

The pictures are awesome and I"m thinking about you guys all the time. If she ends up needing an ng tube (nasogastric) feel free to call me - Chloe had one for about 5 1/2 months. It was a life saver. HUGS to you all.