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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abbey's Basketball Championship Game

Abbey's basketball team went undefeated through their whole season. After the season, they go to playoffs and her team made it all the way to the finals. This past Saturday was the championship game. The girls played their hearts out but, sadly, they had their first loss of the season. The team we played had nothing to lose and played tough and we just ran out of time to come back in the end. It was a hard loss for the girls as they wanted to be undefeated so badly but....such is life.

Before the game as their names were announced...Abbey
is the one who is running opposite of everyone else.

Abbey getting ready to throw the ball inbounds.

Abbey is #14...guarding a player. It was hard for me to
get many action shots with my camera as they all came out
too dark.

The sadness is showing now :( It didn't seem to matter
at that moment that they were the best team in the league
and unfortunately had their first loss during the big game.

The team finally being forced to give us a few smiles.

Showing off their 2nd place trophies and their plaques for
winning 1st place in league

This was one of those teams that was full of great girls as
well as great families to support them and I truly feel that
this is what made this team so good. Here are the girls with
all their parents. (Even Ella made the photo if you closely in
the middle of the picture)

A little ice cream brought the smiles back for Abbey and
her teammate Emma

Oops...we forgot to get a picture of Abbey with mom
and dad earlier so we had to remember to take one
at home.


my family said...

i know the loss is hard but wow they must have been a great team!

heidi marie said...

those are such sad faces :( poor kiddos. but ice cream always makes me feel better, too!!!

mandd3 said...

Aww, poor girls. But what an exciting season. And yes, ice cream can solve a lot of problems!

stephanie said...

Abbey you did great!!!! No sad faces for second place! You worked hard all year, be proud and happy!

And of course eat ice cream!

Kristin said...

Nice job Abbey!

Lori said...

Awwww - losing stinks. But, congratulations on a great season!

Lacey said...

Its so hard at that age to understand that they really did quite well. Great job Abbey!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Aww, too bad they lost! They had such a great season and should be so proud of themselves! I know all their families are!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Monica Crumley said...

Bummer. It's hard to lose, especially when your team is so good! My daughter, Anna, had the same happen to their indoor soccer team. Undefeated til the last game. Season ended bittersweet. Abbey looks like she bounced back :-)

Tausha said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 2nd place is awesome!!!!! and sounds like on any given day you could of beaten that team. Love the trophy!!!

Lacey said...

This is Ray and like little Carter says there is always next year. Nice job Abbey. it sounds like you still had a good year in my book.