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Monday, March 8, 2010

Zoey's Birthday

****WARNING....Picture Overload*****

Yesterday, we went to Miss Zoey's 3rd birthday party. Let me tell you, it was well worth the 2 hour + drive!!! Being in that room, I instantly realized the huge amount of people that Zoey and her family have touched. There were Ds people, cancer people, and SMA people...all brought together by this amazing family. I literally could have stayed forever to just sit and visit with everyone. It was so much fun to FINALLY get to meet the rest of Zoey's siblings who I felt like I already knew and who instantly came up to Ella as if they knew and loved her already. (Of course she was a stinker at first and pretended to be extremely shy). We also got to meet a few other blogging families for the first time including Reid, his mom Cheri and brother Luke (there will be a story coming up about that :) and the amazing Strong family who have little Gwendolyn. I can't begin to tell you the impact that this family had on me in just the short time I visited with them. Wow!!! Then, of course, there was Jax and his family who we once again got to visit with. This time I made sure to get pictures of the rest of their family that I missed at Disneyland. Can I just say that I LOVE Jax's brothers!!! They are so sweet and funny and soooo amazingly good with Ella. The cutest thing was when Tanner told his mom that he wants a little sister "Just like Ella". Then he asked me if he could take Ella home. I told him maybe when she starts being a big stinker..then he could have her. Not long after that, she did something "stinkerish" and he asks me "Now can we take her home?". Just melts my heart!!

Here is Zoey and her daddy while everyone is
singing happy birthday to her. We had to do it
twice because she did the sign for "more" after
we finished the first time!

Jax's brother Tanner with Ella (love this kid)

This was the best we could do for a picture
of Ella and Zoey

Jax's dad, Ray, with Ella...when she was still being "shy".
She eventually warmed up to him...especially after he
took her outside. (he will so spoil a daughter someday)

My mom with Jax...I just love the way he is looking at
her in this picture.

Okay...here is the story about Ella and Reid...first they are
sitting nicely in chairs taking a picture.....then.....

tragedy strikes....(at least Ella thinks so) Reid decided to
reach over and grab her checks with his hand and drew blood.
You will see the battle scars in the rest of the pictures. Don't
worry Reid, we forgive you!!!

Mom's and kids...me and Ella, Heather and Zoey,
Lacey and Jax and Cheri and Reid

Ella playing with Jax's brother Carter

Ella and Carter (love this kid too)

Ella with her sisters and Jax's brothers

Finally some floor time!!!

With Jax...rolling to one side

And now the other...go Jax

Ella is always wanting to touch Jax....and only pulls
out his oxygen sometimes!!

Ella giving Zoey a birthday hug

Abbey and Zoey....heartwarming moment today when Abbey
asked me when the next party like this would be...she enjoyed
being with these kids as much as I did!!

I finally got my Zoey hugs!!


Cheri said...

Ohhhh man, those little cheeks!! Ella, Reid will make it up to you, I promise!! Denise it was so great to meet you finally and I look forward to getting our kids together again!! ....but note to self: Reid's little finger nails will be cut down to the nubbins first!! ;)

Kele@ said...

OOOuch! Poor Ella, but you know that was just little Reid's way of saying "I want to date you one day" LOL!
Goodness, I could just eat up all those little precious kiddos, such a beautiful day, for a beautiful girl...indeed!

Tina said...

What a memorable day! For you and well for Ella too. Thanks for all the great pictures, everyone is so beautiful, so much cuteness all under one roof, must have been hard not to squeeze them all.

stephanie said...

AWWW, thanks for taking loads of pics. I can hear the laughter just looking at them. All so beautiful!
What a wonderful day!

my family said...

great pictures looks so fun. you know boy always act a little silly when they like girls :)

Emily said...

What a day full of memories! Those are the best days! Oh man... Justin is a face grabber like that! His nails are always cut to the nubbins because of it! So happy for you all!

mandd3 said...

You know, it's not really a party unless someone's bleeding! I am so glad you took lots of pictures, now we can all feel like we were there. Nothing like living vicariously through another person. Ella looks adorable, Jax looks adorable, Zoey looks adorable, Reid is adorable (I wonder how many of us are going to go cut our kids fingernails after we read this!). What a beautiful day.

Kelly said...

Wow, what an amazing day for such an amazing little girl who just happens to have the most amazing friends!! It looks like everyone had such a good time! So glad you all had the chance to meet and get together for such a joyous occasion. I just love the pics!! That looked like one rockin' party!

The Sanchez Family said...

So awesome! What a WONDERFUL birthday and what a great celebration. I hope someday to meet all of you...we need a Disneyland reunion!!! :)

Heather said...

I'll be swiping these ... One picture I have!Basically one picture from ALL those on the floor.My camera and the light coming in at the end were not a good mix.It was on a close up setting when I looked at the camera last night.So mad.But like I said,thank goodness I knew my friends took pictures!

Having you and the girls there was so amazing ... I feel like we have known each other forever.Kindred spirits.Joined by these perfect children.I loved seeing Ella cruising and doing her unique Ella crawl and making her classic Ella faces.I loved watching your big girls.Blending in and feeling comfortable being in a brand new seting.what Abbey said was precious.I watched Abbey for a bit out the window,while she had Ella outside,and watched her lovingly and patiently care for her and protect her.It made be smile.And i loved that we had that extra alone time at the end ... just watching the kids hang.Looking at their faces and feeling so blessed that this extra chromosome has joined us.

We love you guys.We look forward to a lifetime of parties and playdates.Tell Abbey not to worry ... we'll be making tons more memories together!

Oh .. and your mom.Can't forget your mom.She was lovely.And my favorite time was watching her with Jax.Like he was one of her own.Precious.

Talk to you soon!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

such wonderful pictures - how fun that you were all able to get together and actually "meet" in person :)

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Thanks so much for sharing all those awesome pictures! What a joy to be able to share in some of your beautiful day. So glad you were able to make the drive to be there. Sounds like a truly special celebration!!! :)

Lori said...

What a great day! Thanks for sharing all the pics.
Happy birthday, Zoey! Looks like it was a great party! =)

Tausha said...

How fun. So wish we could of been there and celebrated with everyone. I love all the pictures you posted. Happy Birthday to Zoey!! What an amazing group of Mom's, Dad's, Brothers & Sisters and kiddos.

Kristin said...

Fun Fun Fun!

Lacey said...

You got some great pics. Ray took tons, and a great video of us singing to Zoey. I need to download it!

Victoria Strong said...

Oh no! Those are some scratches. I have to say her look of utter insult is pretty darn cute. And it was so, so nice to meet you and your darling Ella.

Ruby's Mom said...

What fun!That is so neat that you all could get together for Zoey's party.
Ella's poor sweet cheeks :(

Anderson Family said...

Oh looks like so much fun - parties, Disneyland, cute kids, birthdays, friends, family and of course fun - what more do you need?