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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Bunch of Random Stuff!!!

I think this will mostly be a story of pictures. I can't believe that it has already been a week since my last post. Life has literally just been cruising along with no big things going on to post about I guess. I know I should just be thankful that life is simply "cruising along". But this coming week will be full of things to blog about. First on Thursday...we get to go to Disneyland and spend the day with Jax and his family. We can hardly contain ourselves!!! And then on Sunday, we will make the drive to Camarillo for Zoey's big 3 year old birthday bash!!! So much fun in one week hardly seems fair. So you know there will be fun pictures to post after that.

So now on to the pictures. I have a friend whom I have known literally since birth. We are two months apart and our moms were best friends then. We don't see each other often but have kept in touch off and on over the years. We have daughters that are 3 weeks apart (my first, her fourth) so that is fun too. Well, it just so happens that she babysits a little boy with Ds who is exactly one week older than Ella. Last week, we met at Chuck E. Cheese to get the kids together since it was suppose to be a rainy day. I was only able to get one picture of the kids together. I was blown away by two things...this little guy just sat on her lap and ate bite after bite of food off a spoon. And then to top it off, he did not even consider touching all of the containers of food that were sitting literally inches away from him. Ella would have had EVERYTHING on the floor within seconds....who says that boys are rougher!!!

The next couple of pictures are what I found when I walked in to the living room. Ella had picked up the Wii microphone and was singing away!! She even tried to get mommy to sing along with her :)

Does this child not look like a teenager!! She is only 10 going on 11 and she wants to sit up on our hill and write in her journal......and yes, we realize that the hill needs some weeding done!!!

Here is Ella watching her Signing Times video. She will literally sit there for an hour watching it. It is so cute to see her copying what they do. I was only able to catch her doing the "more" sign but she will do a lot more of them while she is watching.

This next picture is a bittersweet moment for me. This is Dasha from Reece's Rainbow. She is the little girl that I have been in love with since day one. I immediately noticed both her and Sofia because they were so close in age to Ella. But Dasha has always been the one that I truly hoped could someday join our family. Thankfully, Sofia recently found her forever family. Last night, I was on Reece's Rainbow as I am every night and realized that Dasha's picture was gone. Then I found her under the "my forever family found me" list. This knocked me right to my knees. I feel like I lost her even though I never had her. The reason I say this is bittersweet is because I think I knew that realistically we wouldn't be able to adopt her as we have some financial issues to sort out before my husband would ever even consider bringing another child in to our home. By the time we actually got our act together, it may have been too late for her anyway. So obviously, I am thrilled that she has found a family but I had always hoped it would be our family she would join. Now, I am just praying that this family will have a blog that I can follow as I hope to be able to contribute to their journey to bring her home and I want to see her grow up!! So, yes, even through my sense of loss...I am beyond thrilled for her to have a family. I literally could not stand the thought of her being in that orphanage any longer!!

And finally, these next two pictures are of the child who REFUSES to put any food in her mouth. Can anyone tell me why she will put a stuffed carrot and a napkin in her mouth instead!!!


stephanie said...

First I can't even lie about it... I'm stinkin jealous that you're going to see Jax AND go to Zoey's Birthday. Do you know what I would give to be there?? UGHHHHH!
Have fun and squeeze them for me, their Mamas too!!!
Second I know how you feel about Dasha. Certain faces have got my heart too. How can you miss someone that never belonged to you? It is possible. But, our day will come, my friend! Somehow, someway...
Lots of love to you!!!

Emily said...

I am so glad you'll be able to see two angels this week! That is wonderful!
Oh.. and Justin is right there with Ella. He reaches for everything and will tear up anything if given the chance! No worries there!
I know how you feel about the financial situation. Life isn't too fun right now... but we just keep plugging away.
Miss you my friend and my prayers are with you!

Lacey said...

So what does that girl eat then? I can't wait for Thursday, I'm so excited! I don't even go to Reeces Rainbow anymore because I want them all and I feel bad because I'm not adopting through them.

Tina said...

You have such an exciting week ahead...I envy you, but am looking forward to loads and loads of pictures!
I know what you mean about loving a child, who you haven't even had the chance to meet, there are so many we love this way. Dasha is so sweet. Everytime I look in on Reece's Rainbow my heart is so torn yet I know I am helpless.
I love the picture of the stuffed carrot in her mouth, infact I love all the pictures, of her sitting and watching T.V. concentrating so hard on whats going on.

Heidi said...

Love the pictures of Ella - she is growing up so fast and is as cute as ever!

I can see why Dasha has a special place in your heart. I hope her family starts a blog so you can follow her journey!

Mama Mason-Mann said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!!!! Please hug that sweet Jax for me! Have a GREAT visit!!!

Julie said...

Hello Denise. I found your blog from Class of 2008. I hope you can be happy for me even though I'm stealing your baby. I get to be Dasha's mommy. We will have a blog, just don't have it set up yet. I promise to love her with my whole heart, and share lots of pics and updates. Please visit our family blog before we set up Dasha's.

Tim and Kelli said...

Have a great week. Love all the pictures and her funny faces. The jello picture is too funny. She is getting so big and is just adorable. Love her smiles they always make me smile.