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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ds Halloween Party

Friday night we went to a Halloween party for a group here in town. It isn't specifically a Down syndrome group....it is a group for any kind of disability but it just so happened that the people who were there this time, were all Ds families. It was originially planned for a park but they decided to move it to someone's home as they were worried the weather might be too cool. We were quite late and it was pretty crowded so it was hard for me to get any photos of all of the older kids but after most everyone left, I was finally able to get pics of the 3 little ones in the group. These are the kiddos that I have recently met and Ella has had playdates with. We all went to the party together and this was the first time that we have gotten them all 3 together at once. As you can tell, I wasn't able to get any "great" pics but at least I got something!!

Ella and Hannah at my house waiting for Haden to arrive
(Hannah's ghost onesie was Ella's last year)

The only picture I got of Ella, Haden and Hannah together.
Not a chance at getting them all 3 to smile at the same time.

Ella got tic-tac-toe!!

Look at those big kids standing!!


Devon said...

SO SO SO cute!!!

mauimom said...

Oh my gosh, how cute, I just want to squeeze them all!