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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween day started early for us as both Abbey and Emma had 8am soccer games which meant being there by 7:30. Since we were done with sports by 9:30, we basically had the whole day to do Halloween things. We had one more pumpkin patch in town to go to and had decided to save this one for today. It has a really big corn maze to go through so we thought it would be a fun family thing to do. Of course there were plenty of other attractions as well. Ella got to have her second pony ride of the season, there was a big dried corn kernel pit to play in (I have never seen one of these before and all of the kids loved it) and then face painting as well. The maze was fun and of course I got NO pictures of it. I really regretted not having brought the jogger stroller as it was pretty rough terrain for the regular stroller. Abbey and my nephew Ethan got separated from us (we told them not to run ahead) but I wasn't too worried as there were people stationed throughout the maze to help you get out if needed. Emma was our navigator and was working along with a couple of high school girls to find our way. I think it took us 30-45 minutes but we did eventually make it out. Followed shortly by Ethan and then Abbey (they had gotten separated too). Then we went home to do chores, yard work and some last minute decorating of the front porch. The kids (and daddy) then carved their pumpkins and I am so bummed that I didn't get any pics of that either!! Finally it was time to trick or treat. I just took Ella out to a few houses on our street. She kept getting mad every time we would leave someone's front door. I couldn't figure out why. Then she just was done!! So I brought her home and daddy and Auntie took the big kids back out. Ella finally settled back down and thoroughly enjoyed helping the big kids go through and trade their candy.

Ma and Pa Vollmer
Ella and daddy on the pony

Emma, Abbey and Ethan in the corn pit

Ella trying to figure the corn pit out

Three sisters (Abbey is wearing paint and makeup
that her soccer team decided to do together)

Auntie decided to play with Ella in the
corn pit

Ethan's ghoulish face

Emma's pirate face that will go with her
Pink Pirate costume

Abbey got a blue spider web face so it would match
her blue costume

We now know that Ella does not like clowns!!!

The big kids ready to trick or treat

I don't think Ella wanted to be held at this moment

Better now that she is in her stroller

Candy anyone???

Helping Abbey with her candy

Emma quietly guarding her stash!


My name is Sarah said...

very cool. I've never seen a corn pit before. Wow, lot't of candy.

Cammie Heflin said...

You guys got tons of candy! That pic of Ella is priceless!

Kim said...

Great photos! I can't get over how much candy they got! Wow! So glad everyone had a great time!

Emily said...

Loving the corn pit idea! I wonder how Justin would do in that! Their costumes were all so cute! We have so much candy at our house.... and it looks like you do too!

Lacey said...

Man we should have gotten our kidos together with Justin, we would have had a zoo!

Tina said...

Love Ella in her costume, so cute, is she a little lamb or? Hard to recognise her, sweet sweet.
Looks like the kids had great fun. Hope all of you had a great Halloween.

Tim and Kelli said...

Looks like an exciting Halloween. That picture with the clowns is so funny. Everyone had great costumes.

Heather said...

Into the candy ... a girl after my heart.Looks like such a fun day.Kids look darling and .... when is that we are going tpo meet half way???

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love your girls costumes, especially the little lamb- whitney was a little lamb, too :)

Tausha said...

Dont you just love Halloween. The kids all look so cute, I love the girls costumes. I loved the pumpkin patch, we didn't 'get to one this year, hopefully next year.

mauimom said...

I love all the pictures, especially the "ma and pa" one!

Kele said...

Wow! You guys really know how to celebrate Halloween! ;-)
Love all the pictures!

stephanie said...

Sounds like the perfect Halloween. I love how the kids got their faces painted to match their costumes, they all looked great!
Love the picture of Ella with the candy.
BTW, your last comment was too kind. Heather absolutely(book) not me!