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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli Lollipop

Happy Tuesday!! It's me, your extremely lame blogger!! I just think that life is so "regular" right now, that nothing seems extraordinary to write about. I am sure that I should be grateful for that. Ella continues to NOT really work on walking and works really hard at practicing to stand up when we are NOT looking. Often, I will catch her standing up in the middle of the floor when she thinks I can't see her. Oh what a little stinker she is. I truly believe that she doesn't want us to know that she is practicing it because we might make her do it more. She is spending more and more time pushing the little baby stroller around so maybe she just felt that she needed more assisted walking experience first. Who knows!! We just let Ella do what Ella wants to do. (I am sure that we will pay later for this).

On the eating front......NO CHANGE!!!! Nope, not a thing. Still just turns away at the very sight of any food coming her way. However, we did have some small success last night with getting her to put a lollipop in her mouth. She actually did it 4 or 5 times on her own. Sigh....what to do with her. I am really tired of buying formula but what do you do when there is NO other nutrition going into her body. Here are some pics of her trying to figure out what to do with this lollipop thing.

Hmmmm....what is this?

Oooooooo.....it's a little sticky!!

I think you should eat it first!!

Ok...if you insist but I am doing this under protest!!

Well.....maybe I will try just ONE more lick!!

And finally, I am beyond thrilled about all of the international adoptions that are happening right now. Each adoption represents a little child (or two or three) that are being saved from a hopeless life. Right now, our dearest friend Lacey (Jax's mom) is fundraising to bring little Makayla home from Eastern Europe. She has a great auction going on right now so please go check it out...just click here. You can also just do a direct donation and the information is on her website.


Rochelle said...

Love the 2nd pic, you would think it was sour apple flavored from her expression. Too cute.

Sorry about the food issue, I am sure that is frustrating.

The Lehnick Family said...

You are NOT the only one still buying formula...Brayden will eat food, just not ENOUGH food. He loves crackers, chips, anything salty and of no nutrition...loves yogurt, so I buy the Little Blends that have fruit and veggies in it, will eat spaghetti, some sandwiches, chicken, rice....but that is it! So, I am still giving him 2-3 bottles a day of formula...can't wait to NOT buy that anymore either...
Love the pics of Miss Ella! She is so darn cute!

stephanie said...

OH those faces!! Miss Ella I need to squeeze you!!!!!!

stephanie said...

OK what are the chances of two people posting at the exact same moment!
Me and Darlena just did!

Just had to come back and bring that to your attention!

Kelli said...

This post made me giggle for so many reasons. I completely feel your frustrations with the eating thing. Colin is having a really hard time with texture. He will eat most things that are smooth, as long as you spoon feed it to him. In therapy today, we tried putting whipped cream all over his tray and he loved playing with it, but refused to put it in his mouth. When we tried putting his hand to his mouth, he very feverishly protested and then lost it. It was a MAD cry! I am having a really hard time with this, but I guess he will do it when it's time...as Ella will (not without frustration on our part I'm sure!).

She is such a cutie though! I can't get enough!! :)

Anderson Family said...

I love all your updates! I am in a blogging funk too - nothing seems like a great post. Carter eats well - but we have no action on the walking thing. He cruises furniture - but is not trying to stand up on his own yet. And if you try to get him to practice he just pulls his legs up in protest - and there is not much you can do when that happens.

I can't believe Ella won't try the food thing - she is such a stinker. Not even ice cream? Sorry you are still having to buy formula! It certainly looks like she eats food - she is so cute and chubby!

Heather said...

Eating ... the bane of my existence!!
Seriously,if the child didn't eat and nurse like a tank before chemo,I MIGHT not be as frustrated but ...uggg!
SOME success .. licks the heck out of honey wheat pretzels coated with peanut butter and cream cheese .. allergic to milk,at least was at a year of age but at this point...who cares.I'm jumping on the cream cheese band wagon!

Good talking to you the last few days.So excited for Lacey and Ray.Can't wait to watch it all unfold!

Keep up with the sucker.Could be the first step.

The VW's said...

Ella, food is so good! Although, our Gavin would completely agree with you! Little stinkers! Keep eating those suckers.....i guess it's one lick at a time! Hugs!!

To Love Endlessly said...

She's just the cutest little lollipop ever!! I love her chillin' in her recliner with her pop. The 4th one is my favorite. She's like, "I'm not sure about this." haha

Maybe try some of the yogurt drinks. That's how we got Marissa interested in "our food". Now we can't keep her away from our plates. lol

Lori said...

Oh, Sweet, Adorable Ella...I wish I had your dislike for food...then maybe I could shed those 10-15! =)

Sorry about the food issues, but at least we can celebrate that she is healthy and that your life is "regular". There is a lot to be said for that =)

I will be praying for you and Sweet Ella, and hopefully there will be a breakthrough soon!!

Oh - and, we love just picture posts...no "regular" words are required =)

Kelli said...

Sigh, I didn't see your post earlier. Lindsey still is no where near being done with a bottle but baby steps and hopefully we can get there. It was almost like overnight she decided that maybe baby food wasn't as good as she thought it was. Ella will get there. I sure hope they do because I don't plan on packing formula or pediasure for school and I doubt they are part of the lunch menu :)
The pictures are adorable. The faces that she makes are priceless.

my family said...

she knows something good when she gets it. William is in my lap "reading" blogs with me and he is whinning for a sucker LOL

Kelly said...

Oh Denise, I feel your pain with the whole eating issue. Landon has a texture issue and is eating baby food. We have discovered that he does like cheese! On occasion he will try something but will more than likely spit it out immediately. Ugh! I think pediasure is our next step! We also gave up on the formula. Whole milk now.....tired of spending all that money. Especially when there has been no big difference in his weight. I swear our kiddos are just trying to let us know WHO'S in charge. Sure as heck is not us:)

BTW, love the pics of Miss Ella........she is so sweet!!

Lacey said...

Ok, she sounds so typical Down syndrome. STUBBORN!! Do things on her own time. Does your doc say anything about her being on formula still? I know when Jax was over a year they started pediasure and got rid of formula because their nutrient needs change as they get older!

Tina said...

Oh these pictures are so so adorable, that little girl of yours is so adorable, wish I could jump right through my screen and squeeze her real tight. I love how she's trying out the lollipop, not so sure about it at all....

I agree with Lacey about the pediasure, she probably needs some more in the form of nutrition now. I had started it for Saira, but Saira on the otherhand was never much of a bottle or formula child, so not much luck, and now she is completely off milk (and hasn't been sick ever since).

So excited about Makayla, can#t wait to see her coming home

Pallavi said...

Hey Denise, Can I take Ella home?
Love the Pics..

heather said...

I love the sticky, surprised face on the 2nd picture. Sooooo cute!

Emily said...

Love her sweet pictures! I miss you guys!
I'm so with you on blogging. Not sure what to write about anymore. My life just isn't terribly exciting right now... but I am thrilled to have read a post from you!!!

Kele@ said...

Seriously that second picture is just the cutest!! Well, Pres isn't too interested in walking either... I guess these two of ours think that looks will get them every where they need to be?!?!!?