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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Wonderful Day!!

I got back to my house pretty late tonight so this will be a quick update but I just had to tell about our wonderful day today. First of all, Ella is doing so much better!! I wouldn't say that she is completely back to herself but she is getting there. She had more energy and started climbing around a little. She had to get a platelet transfusion because her platelets were pretty low (25,000) and since she is scheduled for her central line insertion (broviac line) tomorrow afternoon, they need her platelets to be at least 75,000. As of tonights blood draw, they were 140,000 but they will check again in the morning to see if they stay up overnight. She will have to be put under anesthesia for this procedure so I pray that it is quick and easy so she won't have any lingering effects of her respiratory system like this past week. But everyone says that life will be much easier with the broviac line in and therefore we are looking forward to getting it done.

More importantly, we had some WONDERFUL visits today. First of all, I had a surprise visit from some local friends of ours, Greg and Margie. Then Zoey's mom, Heather came by and brought many gifts. Ella now has a beautiful pink car to cruise the hospital in as well as two new blankets and many pairs of baby legs. She will be quite stylish!! Then Joel and his family showed up from Canada. I can't tell you what a joy it was to meet this family that I have never met but feel like I know so well. Joel is even cuter in person and he and Ella seemed to have an immediate bond. There really is nothing quite like the bond we have with our friends in blogland!!! To finish off our evening, my dad and Barbara, came to visit us and then Barbara took the night shift so I could come home as Joe is back to work for the next 4 days.

Please pray for a smooth and simple procedure for Ella tomorrow. Here are some pics from the day.

Ella standing up for the first time in a week
enjoying her view out the window.

This very special card arrived in the mail yesterday
for Ella....it is from a fairly new blog friend...little
Colin and his mom and dad.

Heather and Ella with her new sporty
mode of transportation.

Joel and his wonderful family

Ella immediately reached over to give Joel a hug!!

And then he loved her back!!

Blanket brought by Heather but we were told that it
was made by Kristen's mom which makes it extra
special as Kristen is a cancer warrior also!!

Another beautiful blanket that was made by Zoey's family.

Ella enjoying sitting in the window sill....told you she
is starting to climb again!!

Oops...she fell in the crack!!

Ella with Grandma and Papa


Kelli said...

Glad to hear everyone had such a great day.

Pallavi said...

Feels so good to hear that :)

Tracy said...

A fabulous day, indeed! It is amazing all of the support the BLOG world has. Lovin' it! I am glad you had a great day with wonderful people. It gives me warm fuzzies! Praying for a successful surgery!

Mel said...

What a busy day for Ella. Must have been great to keep you busy :) Hope all goes well with the surgery.

Bulldogma said...

I'm SO happy today was a good day for you all! I'll be praying everything goes smoothly today. LOVE the car :o) What a great way to get about - and so nice for Ella to have a change of scenery!

Rochelle said...

So glad she is feeling better and starting to climb again! That is awesome!!!
Yeah for all your visitors and treats.
We will be praying especially hard today for her line placement and ease of anesthesia!
Hope it goes completely smoothly!


Adrienne said...

She is so precious! Glad it was a good day! Yay for meeting blog friends- we got to do that as well this weekend!

Kelli said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up! It is so great to see pictures of Ella up and around...what a stylish pink car you got there lil' lady!


Kelli Root said...

We've been praying for you too Denise! Just finally got around to commenting though. Love hearing the updates!

Kelly said...

So happy that Ella had such a wonderful day! LOVE seeing her up and back to her "somewhat" self:) Of course, she is more beautiful than ever!! Those are some pretty neat gifts you got there:) Praying that Ella's procedure is quick and without complications!

Lacey said...

Heather told me about the princess blanket she had to bring! We were talking about how you can never have enough blankets in the hospital. one is always getting dirty and needs to be changed!

Stevenson Family said...

Oh I love all the pictures and I'm so glad she is getting back on her feet again. Still thinking of you sweet Ella!!

Lori said...

Praying that her procedure goes smoothly today. It is so good to see her up and moving around...and starting to put on some of those silly faces that we all love so much! =)
Keep Fighting, girl! We are still praying!

Jeana said...

I'm so glad to hear she is feeling a little better today and that you had some fun visitors. The hospital is a sad place to be alone. I wish we were closer and could come by. We're praying for Ella everyday.

Becca said...

So glad she's doing better! I love the support we find with our community and how everyone pulls together. I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow!

Cathy said...

I'm so happy that Ella and you had a great day. I love the pictures of Ella and Joel. So sweet! Ella is precious...as always!

The Hapa Girl said...

So happy to see her getting up and about...into trouble :) The gifts look wonderful and happy to see you are getting some great visitors!

Michelle said...

Just stopping by to say your sweet girl is in my prayers! How nice to have some wonderful visitors and gifts. Praying all goes smoothly tomorrow for Ella Grace!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

love that ella is feeling well enough to climb and be a monkey again :) so happy you had such a great day and such fun visitors!!!

my family said...

so glad you are getting lots of visitors a great way to spendlong days.Are you sure Ella is supposed to be there she looks like she is ready to run off. How wonderful tohave such wonderful gifts. Please give me your address so we can send cards to you all.

Angi said...

So glad you guys had a great day (it made MY day to read that!!) She is such a sweetie pie!

To Love Endlessly said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic day! I love Ella with that pretty pink blanket and the ne where she fell in the crack. hehe, too cute. :-)

Tina said...

Firstly so so happy to see Ella up and about again, climbing window sills is great, just what we want to see from our little warrior. She does look so much livlier too. I have been praying for this.

Secondly what a day truely, so many special visitors, I'm really jealous that I can't be there, but we are going to meet one day that's for sure!

Praying that everything goes well with the procedure today (I am sure I am writing this a day late as couldn't access your blog yesterday, which was so so frustrating). So here's thinking of Ella with the greatest of optimism and positive thoughts, knowing all will be just fine.

Having all of you on my mind constantly, keep us updated.

Devon said...

Sweet sweet girl!!!! I hope all went well with the procedure!!

Melissa M said...

I'm so glad to see Ella up and moving around. That's a sure sign she's starting to feel better.

I'm glad you were able to have so many great visitors too. I always have a hard time being stuck at the hospital and the vistors helped. The pictures of her and Joel and great! :)

Kele@ said...

Wow! You guys had a busy day that day! All the pics are great but you know how partial I am to the 'butt' shots, I just love a baby's booty!!