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Monday, December 13, 2010

And The Winner Is..........

The lucky winner of the Reeces Rainbow quilt is Alicia Vanderwall. Thank you to everyone who entered. Megan is now $350.00 closer to her goal. Since I was in the hospital yesterday and today, I had to improvise. So, as you can see below, I used a barf bowl to hold the drawing papers. Don't worry, it was clean!!
Thank you once again for everyone's generosity. If there is anyone else who would really like a Reeces Rainbow quillow, they can be purchased in whatever colors you prefer for $50. You can contact Megan directly at blond2435@yahoo.com and put "quillow" in the subject line.

And a quick Ella update: She is doing well today. Her cold seems to be settling down with only a few coughing fits today. And her g-tube site hasn't gotten any worse. The ultrasound was negative for any abscess and the GI doctor tried loosening to tube a little to see if that was causing the irritation. Hopefully it will look better tomorrow.


Lacey said...

Congrats to Alicia! Glad my Ella boo is doing better, kiss her for us!

The VW's said...

How exciting! Thanks for this opportunity, to be able to stare at such beautiful faces all day long! Gavin and I can't wait!

Glad to hear that Ella is on the mend! Thinking of you both and PRAYING!! Hugs!!!

Melissa M said...

I'm so glad Ella is doing better!

Congrats to Alicia!

Cammie Heflin said...

Congrats Alicia!