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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Feel All Warm And Fuzzy!!!

Boy, I must say, you guys really have come through for me. I really feel loved again and my faith in you has been restored!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who took the time to donate for little Sofia so her family can start the process of bringing her home. (Sorry that I had to play the guilt card the other day but like I said, I am competing against people raffling off electronic gadgets!!) THERE IS ONE MORE DAY TO GO IN THE RAFFLE........IT WILL END SATURDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. And for those who haven't been able to donate, let me tell you that many people only donated $5 and we are up to over $300!! See how those small amounts add up if everyone chips in just a little.

So, for anyone who may still want to donate, scroll down to the two previous posts and find the chipin....I promise that it will be quick and painless. And once again, for those who may need a little more incentive, here is another picture of Ella to entice you a little. Remember, for those that donate, you get the added bonus of a kiss from Ella :)


stephanie said...

You do great things my friend!!!
and use whatever works. Don't feel bad about the laying on the guilt!!

Love and kisses!!

Lacey said...

I need to get over and donate! This is the RR Christmas season, so many people talking about RR, amazing! And I tell you, its much better than it even looks. I still can't believe that Arina came from an orphanage. She is so much fun!
And I know I can get a real Ella kiss!
By the way, how is it going? Counts dropped yet?

Christi Harrison said...

i put a check in the mail today. good luck raising money. i hope your goal is reached!

Patti said...

ooohhh i love that little ella! i'm sorry for giving away the electronice gadgets- it's all we had to "give"! I don't have any gorgeous quilts, or i would! love to you and ella!

Melissa M said...

I am so happy to see money being raised for Sophia!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Sorry I can't donate, we are having a tough holiday season already. I am sending tons of prayers for them though!

I love this photo of Ella, even if it is in a hospital bathroom. How is she doing? Any idea when you guys will be going home?