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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Has Ella Been Up Since She Got Home?

I tell you what! The child has been raking in the gifts this week! Some were waiting for her to get home and some arrived the last two days. So she has been having fun playing with ALL of her new things. The child literally has not stopped moving other than to sleep since she got home. I guess that is what happens when you are confined to your crib for 3 weeks at the hospital. I am not kidding, she just walks around the house and goes from one thing to the next the whole day. I think the only time she sits is when I put her in her high chair to feed her and she is watching TV. She is absolutely loving being home and we are loving having her here. Here are a bunch of photos of Ella with her new things. There is a video at the bottom and I know sometimes it doesn't show up so just click refresh and hopefully it will appear then.

Here is Ella enjoying her new purple octopus from
Ruby's family...it makes a great pillow.

or a great hat!!

Could this cupcake hat be any cuter??? It was
a gift from Addy and her family

Ella is kissing her new Pillow Pet from Anna and her family

Nothing new here, I just thought this was a cute picture :)

I wasn't able to get a good picture of Ella reading
the books so here are some gifts and an adorable

This is Ella's new thing to do with her DVD's. She walks around
with them on her index finger. Kinda smart like she knows
you shouldn't get your fingerprints on them.

This is an immediate favorite Playmobil set given to Ella
from Maggie Rae and her family

Okay...this is where things get interesting :) This is an
adorable Tutu given to Ella from her soul sister in Rhode Island,

Apparently, this is what big sister Emma thinks the tutu is for

Is this right, sissy? (Don't you just love the bald head?)

I think we have it right now!

At first glance, one would think that Ella is doing great with her
occupational skills in being able to successfully open this present. However, there
are two problems here. First of all, it isn't Christmas yet and secondly, this gift isn't for
Ella!!! She just grabbed it from under the tree and opened it up...sigh!!

And finally, here is a video of Ella playing the piano with Joe's mom who is
visiting from Montana. This is the first time she has met Ella. I think Ella does
a pretty good job with those high notes!


mandd3 said...

What great pictures and a great video! But the bald head peeking out from inside the tutu has got to be photo of the year!! Merry Christmas!

Cole said...

Oh she's just the cutest lil bug! How happy to all be home! Love the tutu!

The VW's said...

I'm so happy that she is home for Christmas and that she is enjoying every minute of it! Have fun sweet girl.....you deserve it! Love and Big Hugs!!!

my family said...

yourl ast picture made me laugh and I think you should frame the sweet little bald head with the tutu. Who wonderful gifts. We all love Ella. Enjoyed your video and happy to see she is doing great

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I love the photos and video! I am still so happy that she is able to be home with all of you for Christmas. I am waiting for Sweet Pea to open a present under the tree. Yesterday she took off with one, but only got part of the ribbon off before she moved on to something else.

Kelly said...

I just LOVE this post and these pics!! I am so happy that our Sweet Ella is HOME for the holidays!! And what fabulous gifts from such amazing friends!! Happy Holidays, Vollmer Family=) Thinking of you all!!

BTW, a musician too!! Shine bright Miss Ella=)

Melissa M said...

The bald head peeking out from the tutu is adorable!! I'm so glad you all are enjoying being HOME!!

Julie said...

So glad you're home!! Seeing busy Ella is so much better than Ella in a hospital crib! Love the cupcake hat & the tutu!!

Bulldogma said...

Precious, precious, precious! I love the tutu!

Rochelle said...

So glad you are home especially in time for Christmas! Praying that she stays cancer free forever!
Love, hugs and Merry Christmas!

Ruby's Mom said...

Ella looks so good! Loved all the pictures of her and her new toys.What a cutie she is in that red tutu and I'm super impressed with her piano skills! Love from my family to yours.

Lacey said...

Um, ok, I have to have one of those tutu's. I'm going to ask her if she made it!
Merry Christmas Vollmer family!

stephanie said...

AWWW, I'm so, so overjoyed that Miss Ella is HOME and enjoying all her gifts! She deserves them all! She should have a gift a day for the next 100 years!!!

Christine said...

I love the photo with the snowflake bear!

Deanna said...

loved all of the pics of ella and her loot. i can't think of a more deserving girl. (-: also...love the tutu skirt with the leggings....sooooo cute! thank you for the Christmas card! loved getting a piece of sweet ella grace mail!

AngieW said...

Ben overheard me talking to Grandma on the phone about opening presents, and the next thing I knew he was in by the tree, going to town ripping one open. It was not for him either. He and Ella could be 2 peas in a pod sometimes. So glad you are all home for Chirstmas. Prayers answered.

Googsmom said...

Love me some Ella cuteness!!